Your Very Own PA

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Trying to run your own business can be hard work, so dealing with laborious tasks which take up your precious time such as sending out mail or other admin work can be frustrating. However hiring another person at your office who will do that work for you can be very costly. Why not save money and time by using Best Reception to take your calls and deal with admin work, just like having your very own PA but at a much cheaper price!


Best Reception can do admin work such as data sorting onto spreadsheets, formatting work such as cv’s, or any other tiresome tasks which may unnecessarily take up your time. If you need to send information to your clients why not use Best Reception to send this for you, or even use our office in Hertford as a mailing address.


Arranging your diary with client appointments is another way we can make sure you have spare time for more essential tasks. Simply let us know you’re available and we can fit in your clients to suit you. There’s also no need to arrange a complicated and expensive booking system, as we can easily log onto it from our computer or even share you diary with our Google diaries account for fast and simple booking.


We also can call your clients for you, providing a service which can rearrange your appointments or provide them with information they may need from you. For example if clients need to know particular information on a product of yours simply send a quick email to Best Reception and we will call them for you, saving you time and also presenting your business in a professional manner. This will also help your company to appear bigger as Best Reception can act as your own sales team.


So there is no need to waste anymore time dealing with tedious admin work and lengthy appointment bookings. Why not call Best Reception today for more information.

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