Your team of Virtual Receptionists

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Here at Best reception, one very important aspect of our service is having familiarity. Not only do we aim to create familiarly among our receptionists with your regular callers, your company and your call handling, but also to have your regular callers become aware of your receptionist!

We achieve this by assigning you a team of 4 receptionists including a team leader who will be your main point of contact if there are any problems or changes you wish to make. By regularly answering your calls your team will become familiar with all aspect of your company including your clients. In addition to this you can also have a VIP list. This is where we will keep a record of your most regular callers so we can act familiar with them, which will keep them happy and will stop them being questioned for their details each time they call.

This service is extremely cost effective, rather than having one in house receptionist why not have a team of four receptionists taking your calls! This will not only save you time trying to employ a receptionist for your company but will also save you money.

Another benefit of having a team of receptionists is appearance. By outsourcing your calls you can make your company appear as a larger enterprise. If you so wish your callers will be completely unaware of the size of your company, and your receptionists can instruct your callers about sales departments, accounts and even shipping.

Furthermore, by allowing us to answer your calls we are able to disclose information on your daily movements to your callers. This will help keep your new and existing clients happy as we are able to advise them on when they are likely to receive a call back.

So if you would like all of the above simply outsource your reception to Best Reception and get your team of polite professional receptionists today.

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