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Running your clinic, whether you are a sole practitioner or the manager of a larger clinic, can be very demanding. You may find that your phone calls get missed when you are in appointments, or otherwise engaged, and hiring in house staff is not a cost-effective solution to this problem. You may not realise just how much an outsourced reception can actually do for you, so here is an idea of how using Best Reception would benefit your clinic.

Your team of receptionists can book and manage appointments for you. Whether you would like to use our free online diary system, or have us use your current system, this can be done so seamlessly for you that callers will not know we are based at a different location. Your callers will always be able to speak to a professional and friendly receptionist, who can promptly book, rearrange or cancel their appointments.

Managing your appointments in this way is just one of the many services that your outsourced reception can provide you with, to help save you valuable time. We can also answer any questions or queries that your callers may have- from prices of appointments, directions to your clinic, right through to what to expect in their appointments. These calls which can usually monopolise a lot of your time can be quickly and efficiently dealt with by your receptionists!

Your receptionists can also carry out any admin tasks that an in-house receptionist would do for you. For example, you may wish for your callers to leave a deposit to secure their appointment, or to even pay for their appointments in advance, your receptionist can process these payments for you. We can also remind your clients of upcoming appointments, by email or by phone, or even call your clients who are due to be booked in for appointments if you so wish!

What’s more, your receptionists can be extremely helpful in those urgent circumstances that are sometimes unavoidable. You may be in a situation where you need to quickly cancel an appointment, or even close your clinic for the day on very short notice! All you would need to do is inform your receptionist team, through a quick phone call or email, and we would be able to quickly and efficiently cancel or reschedule any appointments for you, leaving you time to deal with what ever situation requires your urgent attention.

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