Call freephone numbers for free from your mobile?

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Every day we receive calls from our clients regarding the pros and cons of varying types of phone number for their business.  Time and again, an issue that keeps coming up is that if they opt for a “customer-friendly” 0800 or other freephone number, these are still charged by mobile phone operators at rates of up to a whopping 40p per minute.

As we tend to use our mobiles more than landlines this can be at best frustrating and at worst, massively expensive.  We’ve received a brilliant email this week from one of our suppliers which provides an excellent solution – we’ve tested it and it works!

 Simply by dialling their number, 01600 700 800 and entering the 0800 number you wish to dial, followed by #, you’ll be connected to your freephone number and the minutes used will be included in your mobile package.

We think this is a great idea and here’s the link for more info

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