What are the advantages in using a telephone answering service for my company?

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Every business, no matter what size they are or sector they work in, have one very crucial aspect in common. The telephone is generally the first point of contact for any potential customer or client, so creating a perfect first impression, for any business, is essential.  What’smore, the businesses telephone line is vital in maintaining a high level of customer service with existing clients. Dealing with customer queries and even complaints quickly and efficiently is key in running a successful business. It is for these reasons, and many more, that telephone answering services are becoming a vital addition to many businesses of all varieties
It is worth noting here also, that if you have never dealt with a telephone answering service before, there are a few myths that need to be dispelled. The image often conjured up when thinking of a telephone answering service is one of a non UK based centre, filled with thousands of operators, but this is simply not the case. Best reception for example is a small company, with all receptionists based in a local office in Hertford. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, friendly and bespoke service suited to your company.

Creating a professional impression for your company

Outsourcing your reception will do exactly this. Your calls will be answered in a professional manner and will instantly give callers a great first impression of your company. By having a human operator at the end of the phone, instead of a call waiting message, busy tone or even constant ringing, will speak volumes for the professionalism of your company.

Keeping up a high standards of customer service

For any business to succeed, it is essential to maintain a good rapport with existing clients, and a telephone answering service can help you do exactly this. By keeping the line of communication flowing smoothly when day to day schedules take youaway from the phone, your receptionists will manage caller’s expectations. Whether your receptionists inform callers of your movements, or deals with customer requirements directly, your callers will be reassured that their requirements are being dealt with.

Excellent cost cutting measure for all types of  businesses

Outsourcing itself is an excellent cost cutting measure. For all businesses, outsourcing your receptionist requirements will always be more cost
effective than hiring in house staff, especially if you need a greater number of staff to manage a high volume of calls. However, outsourcing does not mean that you sacrifice quality. It is so seamlessly done that caller’s will have no idea they are not dealing with staff directly based in your office!

Providing more than just a telephone answering service

Any reputable telephone answering service nowadays will offer much more than just telephone answering. They will aim to become an extension of your company by providing any bespoke service you may need, from order taking, dealing with customer questions queries, to booking in your clients and managing your diary! These are only a few examples of what can be done for you; telephone answering services aim to provide you with so much more than an operator to answer your calls. If you wish, they will provide you with a receptionist team who will aim to complete any task you require.

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