Virtual Reception Services For Overflow Calls

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Have you ever thought of what might happen to your calls when your Receptionist cannot take them? For instance what happens if she is already on another call, out for lunch or even off sick? Best Reception can provide a perfect solution to this problem.

You can set up a divert to us so your calls come through to your very own Virtual Receptionists whether your receptionist is on the other line, out of the office or away from her desk. This means that your callers will never have to sit in a holding queue or be greeted by an answer phone and are more likely to leave a message than hang up the phone. Not only can this potentially save you from losing out on new business enquiries but it also means existing clients are more satisfied as they have spoken to someone rather than leaving a voice mail.

An example of this service put in to practice is a top London Hair Salon that uses us for exactly this purpose. When their receptionist is on the other line making appointments, their calls come through to us. If the callers want to book an appointment we explain that the receptionist with the diary is on another call and take their details and let them know that she will call them back shortly.

So as you can see not only can Best Reception act as your full time receptionist answering all your incoming calls but you can also rely on us to be there simply for your overflow calls when you are unavailable!

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