Virtual Receptionists – Their First Days

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When a new receptionist starts with us here at Best Reception rather than getting them straight on to the phone there is a process that is followed, this is to ensure that all new virtual Receptionists are fully trained and confident in answering your calls before any are taken.

Firstly, they sit down with the Managing Director and go through the Best Reception Core Values; here they will learn what we expect from them and how essential being friendly and professional on every call is.

Once this verbal stage of training is completed they will then sit down with the office manager and be introduced to our call handling system and shown all the ins and outs of it. As soon as they become accustomed to this we run through a few practice calls and role play situations with them so they get an idea of what to expect on a call and how to react to a range of situations. They will only start answering live calls when both they and the office manager are 100% confident that they are able to and ready to.

Once the receptionist is ready they will start taking calls. The first calls they take will be either patching or general message taking. The order taking or appointment booking clients will be excluded from the incoming calls they handle during this time.

Initially they will handle such calls on both teams, however they will then go on to train with the team leader of their elected team and go on to answer their teams calls only.

They will be carefully monitored during their first week with a team leader shadowing them at all times to ensure that all calls are handled in the correct manner and that they have support whenever needed.

The commencing weeks will consist of the new starter furthering their knowledge of their team’s client base to an even greater extent. For example they will be shown how to book appointments on a variety of different booking systems and also learn how to place orders.

Here at Best Reception there is always more to learn as new clients are joining us all the time so in this sense training never ends.

When a new Receptionist starts here there are certain attributes that we like to ensure that they have, such as positivity, professionalism and a friendly and approachable personality to name a few. This means that your Receptionist handles your calls to the best ability.

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