The Producers!

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Wow what a show. Seeing The Producers at Potters Bar was a joy and pleasure to watch. Green Room have outdone themselves again with a fantastic performance that was witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

     The audience were laughing throughout at the comic genius that the cast provided right from the start. The partnership between Bialystock and Bloom came across to the audience right from the off and they knew that they were in for a spectacular night of entertainment.

When they created their plan to make a huge amount of money from producing a play that would be unsuccessful, to finding the worst play ever written and convincing the worst director become involved to falling for the same girl, to having the play becoming a huge success instead to ending up in jail you could tell that a huge amount of thought and hard work had gone into it.    The comic timing was spot one and complemented the enthusiasm from the singing and dancing.  A personal highlight contained the scene of dancing grannies dancing on zimmer frames and falling in perfect cannon like dominoes for Bialystock to collect their cheques. It was hilarious from start to finish and would make any director proud!

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