The Importance of Customer Communication

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           Customer communication is key in any field of any business. This has recently been brought to light due to a lot of talk on the news about ‘how much people really do trust their banks’. A current study on how much consumers trust their banks post-recession, this has shown that 57% of consumers in the UK and the US trust their banks overall. Interestingly 64% of people said that they trust self-service technologies such as ATM’s, e-commerce platforms and online accounts, however only 32% of respondents believe that their banks are doing a good job implementing policies that favour the customer’s first interest.
             The study reveals that improved customer communications would have the greatest impact when looking to improve customer trust, and it also enhances the importance of building relationships with customers and how trust in an organisation’s communications and frontline employees play a significant role.

            Outsourcing your calls can guarantee that all of your communications with your customers, clients and business associates are to the highest standard as you can ensure that someone is available to answer you calls all the time. This ensures none of your callers are greeted by a busy tone or an answering machine. You will also get an email every time a call comes in, so you can keep on top of each message and ensure that each caller has been responded to appropriately. This way you can maximise your communication with your customers, to make certain you have the best possible ‘business to customer’ relationship.

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