Telephone Answering

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Trying to run a business and juggling all the main responsibilities can be stressful, so why not take a load of your mind and make sure your calls are being handled in the most professional yet friendly way possible.

At Best Reception we ensure that all your calls will be answered quickly and efficiently, without a call ever being missed. If you provide us with the information we can even give out details of prices or the answers to any other general queries that callers have. Your own team of friendly receptionists can also obtain information needed for you to help save you time. In addition to getting the callers name, company if applicable, contact number and a message regarding what the call is about, we can attain the email address or home address or anything else you may like to know before calling them back.

If you need to have someone manage your calls whilst in a meeting we will let your callers know that you are busy and when your meeting will likely end so they know not to expect to hear back from you straight away, preventing frustration which they may have if just going through to your voicemail with no explanation.

Best Reception can help prevent lost time chasing up small details with callers and make sure your calls are always being handled proficiently and friendly when you need us.

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