Telephone answering service for Colonic Irrigation clinics

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One of our clients, who specialize in colonic irrigation, use our telephone answering service to provide their clinic with a full time receptionist. As well as booking and managing appointments, our receptionists also perform many administrative tasks, which significantly contributes to the successful running of the clinic. Having this service provides their clinic with a professional and friendly receptionist for half the cost of employing someone front of house.

For this client, we have provided them with a free online diary service to book and manage appointments. This system, which is not only cost effective but is also very easy to use, allows our receptionists to access the clinic diary and effectively book in new and existing clients. The diary also contains the clinic opening times and all the practitioner info to allow us to book in appointments quickly and efficiently.

Also, with this client in particular, many potential new clients will call in with various questions and queries about the treatment.  For example they may ask about prices, the advantages of the treatment, any side effects to be expected or how regularly they should have the treatment. As part of the service we provide, we have access to all of the answers to these common FAQ’s so we can efficiently provide clients with the information they require. This also helps ensure that time at the clinic is managed efficiently, as their time is not monopolized in areas where it is not most needed.

What’s more, we also take payments for upcoming appointments and place orders for products. Using a very simple online checkout, we can take deposit payments and even full payments for clients wanting to pay in advance. This clinic in particular also supplies various supplements to take after treatments, and our receptionists can take the orders for these.

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