Telephone Answering Service for Cleaning Companies

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Here at Best Reception we answer calls for a large amount of cleaning companies based in the UK. Cleaning as a profession in particular is one that will take you away from your office and your phones. As a result of this calls can often be missed and this is why many of our clients in this industry use our service.

When you are not at your office and on a job site it may not always be feasible to answer your calls. As a result of this potential new enquiries may be missed and existing clients may get frustrated when they can not get through to you. Many callers who may be enquiring about your cleaning services may take their business else where if they cannot get through to you and may not leave a message if they hear an answer phone. Our telephone answering service can ensure that you do not miss out on this all important new business by dealing with all of your enquiries professionally and efficiently.

With one of our clients, who own a cleaning company based in Hertfordshire, we use a free online diary system to book and manage their appointments. We are able to access the movements of all the cleaners they employ so when enquiries come in we can book them in a convenient time slot with an available cleaner. What’s more we can also have access to exisiting client appointments, cancelling and rescheduling when required.

We are also able to answer any common questions and queries that callers may have saving you valuable time. For example we can advise callers on pricing, working hours, areas that you cover, types of cleaning you provide (i.e. office cleaning, domestic cleaning) and even take payments over the phone!

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