Telephone Answering for Small Businesses

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At Best Reception we answer calls for companies of all sizes and can tailor a solution for even the smallest businesses usually at a fraction of the anticipated cost.

As a small business you may struggle to answer every call. If you are in a meeting or simply unable to take a call you could divert it to our telephone answering service in order for it to be answered in your company’s name by a friendly, professional receptionist.

Your virtual receptionist will prevent you from missing a call and also give the impression of more employees working at your business while avoiding the need for you to answer calls on your mobile or at inopportune moments.

When potential new clients phone your company and hear an answer-machine, they are highly unlikely to leave a message therefore resulting in lost business. By using our service it will give your business a much more personal touch and avoid these new clients being lost forever.

In the current economic climate, we are all looking at ways to cut back and save money. Rather than employing an in house receptionist you could make vast savings without have to compromise on quality by using Best Reception instead.  In fact, by having your own team of 4 receptionists for far less than the price of 1, you’ll receive consistency and uninterrupted cover without the need for lunch breaks, holiday or sick leave!

At Best Reception we will provide you with the best monthly plan based on how many calls you receive in a month – with cold callers screened free of charge.  Our free online diary monitoring enables you to update your daily movements so that we can let callers know whether you are available or in a meeting or even out of the office.

Why not try our two week free trial to see how Best Reception can assist your business. We promise you will not be disappointed!!

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