Telephone Answering for PR Companies

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All of our
clients find our service extremely beneficial to the running of their day to
day business. Within our clientele we answer calls for a company within the
marketing industry. They use us as a message taking service, within this
service we screen out cold calls. They find this a great way to improve their
time management. Here at best reception we understand how stressful running a
business can be and calls can be very time consuming which isn’t very
satisfying when the call is irrelevant to your company.

The marketing industry is extremely competitive these
days as there are many freelancers and companies to compete with. This is why
it is vital to ensure all of your calls are answered, as many potential new
enquiries will keep “shopping around” if they do not get through to you
straight away. Many callers will also be put off by a voicemail message or a
busy tone, and this is where your virtual receptionist comes in as we guarantee
to answer all calls in a profession and friendly manner.

Furthermore we offer you the choice of a shared online
diary. This means your company will be able to use a diary which we are able to
view. All of our clients find this extremely helpful as we can advise callers
on your day to day activities, informing them when they are likely to receive a
call back. This is a great help to both you and your callers as they will not
be waiting around for a call back and will not feel as though they should keep
calling in order to speak to someone.

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