Telephone Answering for Podiatrists

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Many of our clients within the podiatry sector use our telephone answering and booking service to ensure that all their clients are dealt with professionally and
efficiently. Podiatry in particular is a profession that takes you away from your phones, with much of your day being monopolised with home visits or clinic
appointments. Because of this, we have a large client base in this sector that use best reception to ensure that all their potential new clients and existing
clients are catered to.

Whether you are an independent podiatrist, working from a clinic based at your home, or part of a larger clinic working from multiple locations, or free online diary provides many of our clients with an easy to use booking system. With shared access to this diary, we are able to book appointment in any way you require. For example, we can book in home visits on specific days only, and only in certain locations (i.e. surrounding postcodes), and we can also change
appointment lengths depending on treatment required. With one of our clients, we book in basic chiropody appointments (i.e. hard skin removal, veruca
treatment) for 30 minutes, whereas initial assessments for shoe insert construction are an hour long.

Whats more, we can have access to an unlimited amount of information about your clinic. We can advise your callers on pricing, the services you provide, your
opening hours, even directions to your clinic!


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