Telephone Answering For Outbound Calls

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For our existing clients here at Best Reception, we not only answer their incoming calls but also offer an outbound service. Our outbound call service is tailor made to suit the requirements of a large client base that we have. For example, we have a number of clients who require a call back service to help secure customer orders. We also have many clients who own chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy clinics, who use our outbound call service to confirm their clients upcoming appointments. For many of our clients we even manage their schedules by confirming meetings or appointments.

If you run a small business and needed to reschedule your appointments, this service can be beneficial for your company. As a small business you may not have an in house receptionist to manage your diary and organize your appointments. This can result in to you having to do this yourself – which is time that you most probably do not have to spare! Using our telephone service can also appear to your clients that your business is growing by acting as your in house receptionist in a professional friendly manner.

Our outbound calling service works incredibly well for many of our clients, one example is our client who is a supplier of physiotherapy supports, based in Yorkshire. Not only do we substitute for an in house receptionist by takings orders for them, but we also act as a customer service line to help secure the sale of products. This involves calling clients back, because if we cannot deal with a query immediately and it requires further investigation, we will forward the query onto the relevant department (i.e shipping), and then call the customer back once we have had a response. Also, if they had a product query, we will sometimes need to check this with a contact at the company with a medical background, and then call the client back and advise them with the correct feedback.

Ultimately, many of our clients use our outbound call service to help their business achieve an exceptionally high standard of customer care, for all of their customers or clients!

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