Telephone answering for mechanics

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Here at Best reception, we have a large clientele in various
industrial sectors, and many of them need a bespoke service from us to meet the
needs of their business. An example of this is one of our clients, who are a
car mileage correction service based in Hertfordshire.

For this client it is very important for us to have a
thorough knowledge of the services they provide to accurately deal with their
new clients. With this client, in particular we can inform their callers that
they deal with mileage correction, in car TV unlocking, vehicle diagnostics
fault finding, service light resetting, key/Immobiliser resetting and digital
dashboard repairs.

For potential new enquiries, we arrange and book them in for
the service they require. We not only have access to pricing information, but
also to a free online diary to book callers in. Many callers will ask for a
price, which we can advise by taking the details of the car. We ask the callers
for the car make and model, as well as where they are based, to give them
accurate pricing. If they then wish to book in, we can access a booking diary
which allows us to see the movements of all the engineers, and we can book them
in accordingly.

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