Telephone Answering for Legal Services.

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Due to the latest ‘Tesco Law’ now more than ever legal services will find outsourcing their reception extremely beneficial to the running of their business. The new law allows non-lawyers to set up legal practices, enable supermarkets and other high street retailers to offer legal services to the public. This new law will vastly increase the competition within this sector, especially for those small high street firms. Best Reception offers a seamless answering service helping your organisation to appear as a larger enterprise. Appearing as a larger organisation gives off a high level of professionalism, therefore helping you to withstand the potential influx of new competition.

It is not very cost efficient for small companies to employ an in-house receptionist if they have a low call in take, however an answer phone or a busy tone can be extremely off putting to both new and existing clients. By helping you to ensure all calls are answered in a polite and professional manner you can avoid your customers going elsewhere, which is vital due to the possible increase of competitors. By having your phone answered by a team of friendly receptionists we help to build your customer relations ensuring they stay loyal to your company and remain happy with your service. Best Reception try to deal with the call as much as we can, helping you to manage your time efficiently freeing you more time for other aspects of your business.

By outsourcing your reception service to us at Best Reception you can improve the running of your company which will be even more beneficial now the new ‘Tesco Law’ has been put into action.

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