Telephone Answering for IT Support Companies

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Within our large clientele many support companies find our service extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Many of which use us as more than an answering service. For one of our client’s we not only answer there calls but we also can book call outs, we are able to do this by using an online diary. Many clients find this extremely useful as running a support company can be very stressful especially when trying to answer the phone whilst on a call out.

By using our service you can give all your attention to the customers and do not need to worry about the phone ringing or going to answer phone as best reception will take care of all of your calls and promise to help your customers as much as we can. Our clients find our online diaries extremely helpful as they can update us with any movements they have for example if they are in a meeting or out of the office we are then able inform callers of this. This proves to be very effective as we can give the caller a time estimate for when to expect a call back which stops them from repeatedly calling and getting aggravated. We are also able to book call out’s on these shared diary’s which means you do not have to and will not lose out on any business by not being near your phone, as many people will go elsewhere if left to an answerphone. We can also give out an unlimited about of information about your company e.g. prices, services that you may provide and availability.

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