Telephone Answering for Health Centres

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Within our large clientele at Best Reception we handle calls for a health centre, whilst the practitioners are busy with clients. This client utilises our services by having us take their bookings for new and existing clients for a variety of different treatments including osteopathy, chiropody, podiatry, acupuncture and homeopathic medicine, so they don’t have too. If you are a practitioner you will understand how important it is not to be disturbed during a treatment as it is extremely unprofessional. So by outsourcing your reception you will not have to worry about this or leave calls to an unappealing answer phone.

At the health centre there are also many other practitioners in which we do not book for, for these we take all of the callers information so the practitioner can call back when they are available with full knowledge of what the caller would like to book for. By using an online diary we can also advise the caller on when they are likely to receive a call back. This will keep your callers happy as they will not be waiting around for a call and will not feel the need to keep calling in to check if the practitioner has become free.

Furthermore we are able to answer customer queries such as prices, and briefly outline what treatments are available.  We can give out as much or as little
information on the treatments provided as you wish to minimise your workload as we understand how hectic the day to day running of a clinic can be.

We also have the ability to direct callers into your practice. By giving us accurate directions if any caller is lost or unsure how to get to you we can stop you from taking very time consuming calls. Not only will this save the practitioners a great amount of time but will also benefit the caller as they are clearly guided to your health centre.

Over all by using a virtual reception you will not only improve the day to day running of your practise but you will also be perceived as a more professional organisation to the public.

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