Telephone Answering for Cleaning Companies

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Telephone Answering for Cleaning Companies

If you run a small cleaning company have you thought about what happens to the calls you miss when you are cleaning on client sites? What happens if the calls that you miss are new enquiries? By using Best Reception as your telephone answering service you can avoid losing such valuable new enquiries as we ensure that every call is answered quickly and professionally with no call ever being missed or left in a holding queue. Not only this but if you do run a smaller cleaning firm we can give the impression on a larger enterprise.

Alternatively you may have a slightly larger company but no need for a front desk receptionist as all face to face meeting with clients will be done on their own premises. To avoid paying for a receptionist unnecessarily, we can answer your calls and obtain all the relevant information you need to help run your business smoothly.

We can save your valuable time by acquiring the appropriate information from callers. For example not only can we take a name and number but we can also take other details including the address of the premises they would like to be cleaned and the times which would be most suitable for them and anything else you may need to know!

If you are currently recruiting for new members of your team you may find it difficult to manage all the enquiries yourself. For this we can offer the perfect solution. An example of this is a client who is currently hiring and using our service to cope with the demand of vacancy enquiries. With their calls we help them by attaining information from candidates who call up including their address, cleaning experience and even if the candidates themselves are clearly spoken.

So as you can see Best reception can save you time and money by handling your calls whilst you are busy on client’s sites, not only this but we can capture all the information you need so you don’t have to!

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