Telephone Answering for Chiropractors

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As a chiropractor, how do you answer your calls when you are not available to take them? Are your potential new clients greeted by an answer phone or busy tone? It is important for you to cater to the needs of your existing clients, and interrupting their treatments to answer the phone would not be feasible and very impractical! In this competitive industry, every call could be potential new business and is this business you can afford to lose? Many callers may take their business elsewhere if greeted by a voicemail, especially if they are looking for an urgent appointment!

It is for these reasons, and many more that we have a large client base of chiropractors, ranging from sole practitioners running a small practice to larger clinics with multiple practitioners and locations. Having an outsourced reception is provided so seamlessly that it gives or our clients a personalised, friendly and professional reception to manage their clinics.

For example, “your receptionist” can book and manage all of your appointments, which not only ensures all new clients are immediately catered to, but also provides existing clients with an efficient means of booking their appointments. For many of our clients in this industry, we either use a free online diary system or remotely access a current system.

Not only this, many of our clients use their reception service to advise their callers accordingly and perform administrative tasks, saving them valuable time and ensuring the best customer service possible for potentially new and existing clients!  For example we can answer your callers’ questions; whether they are needing directions, wanting to know costs, or even to make them aware of what you do as a chiropractor and the qualifications you have. Furthermore, we can schedule appointment reminders for existing clients, re arrange appointments where necessary, even send out invoices and take appointment deposits!

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