Telephone Answering for Beauty Therapists.

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Many Clients within the beauty sector find our answering service extremely beneficial to the running of their company. We offer the choice of a fully functioning reception service or an overflow service to support their current system. We understand that answering the phone during appointments is not very professional however for many small businesses it is hard to justify the cost of an in-house receptionist. So by using Best Reception as your answering service you can cut costs without compromising quality. Each call will be answered in a polite professional manner in the name of your company and will be dealt with appropriately. We can give out any bespoke information and can even book in your appointments for you using an online diary. This diary will be shared so appointments can be added and amended at either end.

As well as booking the appointments we can also deal with any queries your callers have which helps you manage your time effectively. We understand that the beauty industry is one of huge variety, and it is because of this that many of our clients require much more than just an answering service. Your receptionists take the time to learn about the variety of treatments that you do, from all of the waxing you cover, to massage types you offer and all the different types of facials. Because the beauty industry is such a specific trade, we provide each company with a tailor made service to suit their every requirement. For example, we have the ability to book in a variety of treatments, consisting of different lengths, with an unlimited amount of practitioners or locations (for the larger businesses). With many of our clients we also run through procedures with callers before certain treatments (e.g laser hair removal) to make sure they are able to proceed safely, with one of our clients we even send out health questionnaires to ensure they are fit and suitable to have treatments.

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