Telephone Answering for an Osteopathic Clinic

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Here at Best Reception we have a number of Osteopathic, Sports Massage and Personal Training clients. One of our clients is a clinic who runs all of these in one place, and as they are often very busy with all their own customers, the use our services to help save their precious time. We book their appointments, answer any questions callers may have such as prices and what each session may entail, and put their calls through to them when they may need to speak to a client personally. We also send out reminders for them for all their clientsÂ’ appointments, helping them to save time as this is one less thing they have to worry about, and also making sure that all their clients remember that they have an appointment there, avoiding any missed appointments which will result in wasted time where another client could have come in.

With one particular company, we book their appointments by logging into an outside system, it is the same system that they themselves use, which means there will never be any mistakes or double bookings and it all simply goes onto the same booking system.

Some of their callers may be calling for different practitioners, or ones who may have left their company. Without an answering service these calls may waste your time as your forward on the callers to any ex employees, however we can save you time by giving the caller the number of the person they are trying to get hold of. This means you do not have to throw away your time dealing with customers who may not even come to your clinic.

So why not experience the many benefits of Best Reception today by arranging a free trial.

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