Call Answering for Car Showrooms

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Not only do they deal with car sales, but they also have another branch of their business that provides rentals. Many of their enquiries can be dealt with over the phone, and by using a virtual reception to handle these enquiries their salesmen have more time to do what they do best, cater to the in house customers!

For example, Best Reception can give out quotes for renting or purchasing cars, helping save you time and get the ball rolling for new enquiries much faster. Our system can have easy access to a vast amount of information, and for this client in particular this allows us to quote rental prices over the phone. We ask the callers what type of car they are looking to rent, and how long for. Depending on the make and engine size of what they require, we quote prices from 3 day rentals through to 2 week rentals.

Furthermore, we also answer many callers’ questions and queries. For example, we answer questions regarding insurance excess, mileage allowances, prices and payment methods, even directions into the show room. This client in particular has already found that this is saving him valuable time, allowing him and his salesmen to focus on other areas of running the business.

Make sure you’re saving time by using Best Receptions call answering service. Provide us with any needed information and when faced with questions from callers, we can deal with these accordingly, answering their queries, causing them to think they are speaking to someone from your very own company. Never let a call go to voicemail again due to a busy receptionist or a busy showroom, and have all calls answered quickly and dealt with in a professional yet friendly manner.

Holiday Clients

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You may be planning to go away soon for an end of summer break, however running any business can mean this relaxing holiday can turn very stressful. You do not want your holiday disrupted with your phone constantly ringing, but leaving your phones at home knowing you may be missing out on new business or urgent matters.

Best Reception can save you this worry as we offer a holiday cover, so even though you may not feel as if you need a virtual reception service all the time, we may be of great help during your holiday period. We have many clients who every time they are away put their phones on divert to Best Reception and we can handle their calls, giving them ease of mind.

You can even tailor when we send the messages to you, for instance, you can receive emails as soon as the caller rings in, or you can have them sent to you at the end of each day. If you will not be checking messages at all whilst you are away, Best Reception can ring you if we have an urgent query so you know there will be nothing missed.

So why not make sure you holiday is worry free by arranging for Best Reception to take care of your calls while you are away and call us today.

Telephone Answering Service to take orders

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Here at Best Reception many of our clients use our telephone answering service as an order line, to process
orders for their customers. There are many ways in which we can do this, for example,
we can use online payment systems (i.e sagepay), a personal websites checkout
or we can just send you order information via email.

For many of our clients, this saves them valuable time as well as money! Letting best reception handle their order taking means their time can be better spent in other areas of running their business, and it is
also a cost effective way to have your very own sales team.

It is also vital for success that potential customers can reach you quickly (i.e. not be greeted by a call waiting message) and that their requirements are dealt with efficiently. What’s more, having a telephone
answering service as a customer order line also means you do not alienate any clientele that do not like to place orders online on unfamiliar websites, they will be able to call through to a team of friendly receptionists.

With one of our clients, they have provided us with a secure online payment system as well as access to their order database. As a result of this, we can place ordered quickly and securely for any customers that call in.
What’s more, we can also deal with customers enquiring about the status of their order, and make any amendments. If customers would like to know expected delivery dates, or if there order has been despatched, we can provide this information. We can also edit existing orders, if customers call in and they
would like to change what they have ordered.

This service works incredibly well for many of our clients, as it provides them with a cost effective customer service team to take their orders, as well as saving them valuable time to concentrate on other areas of
running their business.

Out of hours calls

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Have you ever thought about what happens to your calls after office hours. Best Reception have a number of solutions that will help to suit your needs. We can offer to set up a voicemail service with your very own unique greeting. We can then even listen to your voice messages the next morning and call them back for you. However if you prefer we can forward the voicemails to you via email with the sound clip attached, this will be forwarded on at the time of the call so you can call them back at your convenience.

If this does not suit your needs, we can arrange a 24 hour service. This means your calls will be answered 7 days a week, 365 days of a year so no call is ever missed and you will always be provided with a professional and reliable service.

Alternatively we are here Monday to Friday8am – 7 pmand Saturdays8.30am-5.30 pmso if you’re hours are the typical 9-5 you may find our out of hours service particularly useful.

New Opening Hours!

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As Best Reception are growing and our clients are covering a whole different category of businesses, we have decided the best way to deal with the demand and to appeal to more companies is to increase our opening hours. To offer an even better service to our existing clients and invite new companies to Best Reception, we will now be opening Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturdays 8.30am – 5.30pm. This has been met with a very positive response from our clients who are able to have there calls handled during these times with no extra charge!

Message Taking Service

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Most callers will hang up when they hear an answering machine, how many of those will end up calling back another time? The percentage is not high! Say they were a potential new enquiry; they may well end up calling the next company on the list. With this is mind can you afford to miss calls?

By using Best Reception as a message taking service we ensure that your company never misses a call. Whether you are in a meeting, on the other line our out of the office your calls will always be answered professionally and politely by a team of your own virtual receptionists. This way you will never miss out on new enquiries as we will ensure that all their details will get through to you quickly and efficiently. Not only this but existing clients will be kept happier as they can speak to someone else and not just have to leave a voice mail.

We can meet your company’s needs by either taking basic information from the caller such as their name, number and company or we can offer a bespoke tailor made service to suit your company. All you need to do is let us know what information you would like us to obtain from the caller and we will set this up for you! An example of this is an estate agent that we answer calls for. For their new enquiries we have forms to fill out, here we capture such information as what price ranges they are looking for, How many bedrooms and the area they are looking for. This is beneficial for your company as it is encouraging callers to give more information which saves you time finding out this information.

So as you can see here at Best Reception we meet all needs, whether you simply require a simple message taking service or a more complex bespoke service we can help!