Case study 7: Osteopathic booking service

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One of our clients we book in patients for are an Osteopathic Clinic based in Surrey. We are able to access their diary system via a remote desktop connection which allows us to book in their patients. Many of their patients call up to book, cancel or move appointments. When this occurs we access the system, add the relevant information and book them with the Osteopath of their choice. When new clients call in to book, we follow instructions provided and add all of their details onto the database. We then make sure they are aware of where the clinic is by giving them detailed directions.

We also carry out a lot of other activities on their system. For example, when patients want to speak to an Osteopath before they book in their appointment, we can raise a new telephone call within the system informing them that they need to call their patient as soon as available. If any patients are holding for particular dates or times, we place them on a holding list and then regularly check the list against any cancellations that may occur.

Case Study 3: Telephone answering service to take bookings

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Using an online diary which is easily linked to us, free of charge, means that we can take our clients calls and book in their patients. For one of our clients, we book appointments for them at 1 of 3 clinics they have in the Oxfordshire area, so we can take their bookings whilst they are at their other clinics. We will often book in new and existing patients, and cancel or move appointments.

We will also inform any new enquiries that call in of prices, and also answer questions they may have. For this client in particular, we answer questions such as the length of the treatment and if the treatment is painful in any way. We also have access to this clients online email portal, and we then email all new patients a health questionnaire and ask them to fill this in prior to their appointment. Not only do we email over this health questionnaire, but we also receive their online enquiries. So when any potential clients email in with questions or would like to book, we deal with these accordingly.

Case Study 1: Telephone answering service for order taking

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A number of our clients have online stores that we can take payments for, process orders for and even offer advice with information provided. With the systems that are chosen by our clients we are sometimes even able to track orders and give customers updates. These companies range from cosmetic, retail, health care, food, theatre tickets and construction. So nothing is too out of the ordinary for us!

Clients that choose to use virtual receptionists for taking payments online, like us to be fully aware of all products and know them to our best understanding. A number of our clients therefore have provided us with product information so we are able to answer questions promptly and place the orders efficiently.

If a customer does have a query that we are unable to answer, we would consult with you first to avoid any problems or confusion when it comes to placing an order. All of the virtual receptionists here are fully trained at taking online payments and placing orders on a variety of different systems.  All of your clients information is not saved on to our system therefore all details are safe and secure.

We offer a very bespoke and flexible order taking service. Therefore, whatever service you may need, it is something that we will do our utmost to accommodate.