Switchboard Services for Large Companies.

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Using an outsourced switchboard has proved to be extremely beneficial for large companies within our clientele. We offer a cost effective yet professional service, whether being a centralised switchboard or an overflow for your existing team. Employing enough in-house receptionists to manage the high call volume a large company receives is extremely costly. But by using a switchboard service you can cut costs without compromising quality. In fact in many ways we could help improve your service by eliminating the usual staffing woes (i.e. staff sickness and holidays). 


Our service gives us the ability to put a call through to multiple locations, departments and people without the use of an automated service. Speaking to an automated switchboard is not as satisfying as speaking to a real person and can leave callers frustrated. If the person asked for is unavailable we can take bespoke messages and email them across so important calls are not missed due to callers being put off by a voicemail or busy tone.


Another advantage to outsourcing your reception is that we offer a sales screening service. This stops any unwanted calls being put through leaving you more time for the more important aspects of your company. In addition to this for many of our clients we have a VIP list for their most regular callers, this allows us to act familiar with them when they call. Overall Best Reception aim to improve the day to day running of your company and our services can now be done so seamlessly that your clients will assume we are in-house receptionists.

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