Strawberry picking this summer!

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So apart from this spring being lovely and warm it has also benefited our strawberry crops by producing the biggest and best quality English strawberries in 20 years! Apparently the heat levels during the spring have boosted the sugar levels in the strawberries making them sweeter and juicier the normal.

Why not try out our beautiful British treats by popping down to your local strawberry farm or field, you can find these by searching on Google! All you need to do is collect your basket from the farm shop and spend the day picking strawberries and catching a bit of a tan, why not try a few along the way too! When you have had enough of picking and nibbling some of those gorgeous fruits take you full basket back to the farm shop and pay for them (you will find you will have a great deal as you have filled yourself up throughout the day eating them rather then picking them!) 

Strawberry fields are normally open though to mid August so there will always be a time you can go. A handy tip when picking your strawberries is to keep the stem attached, this will keep them fresher for longer!

When you get back from a nice relaxing day on the farm why not kick back in the garden with a nice bowl of strawberries and cream listening to a bit of The Beatles- Strawberry Fields. What a perfect day!

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