Rango – Starring Johnny Depp

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I watched Gore Verbinski’s animated feature film ‘Rango’, which stars the extremely talented and unique Johnny Depp with my boyfriend (who said romance is dead!).

Rango begins as a lonely lizard living a dull and safe life, and when he is hurled out from a car in a car crash, he begins his adventure into the unknown. He wanders into a small town and invents an alternative character for himself.

Johnny Depp who voices the lead character gives the film a strange twist and really makes the character full of personality and depth. Johnny’s ability to create new and exciting characters with every movie will always amaze the audience, as no one could imagine the lizard that develops from a fraud to a hero is the same character as the pirate, chocolate factory owner or the demon barber. Granted, I was slightly disappointed I did not see Johnny Depp’s talented face in the entire film, due to it being an animation, but his personality and kookiness came through in his character.

This CGI film has such attention to detail, and manages to captivate the whole audience, not being just a children’s film but entertaining an older audience also as I could hear the children in the cinema giggling, and the adults joining in too, and leaving myself (a 19 year old who considers herself to have good choice in films) and the boyfriend (a 25 year old who considers himself to have an even better choice in films) entertained and thoroughly enjoying the film. The film’s effects are so well done, with the eyes looking so real on the screen and the characters appearances reflecting their personalities so effortlessly.

There is also a soft romance between Rango and Beans, who is another strange and complex character voiced by Isla Fisher, which gives the film a nice vulnerable feel as the two characters come together. The underdog coming through as the hero is a popular and used theme, however Gore manages to add such a unique element to the animation and the characters, the storyline feels like something completely new and not just another animation you may have seen before.

This off the wall take on a Western creates an impressive film which is helped by the incredible animation, talented voice cast and inspiring characters creating an animated movie which will be hard to beat this year. Overall I’d give it a 9/10 due to an impressive film which can entertain both children, parents who use their children as an excuse to watch animation, and many others such as myself.

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