Why Best Reception?

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When searching for a reception service for your company, you want something you know that you can rely on and something that satisfy your reception needs, Here at Best Reception we go out of our way to make sure that we can do everything we possibly can to make your company give off the best first impression possible.

We start by answering your company’s calls in your name with your preferred greeting. We can then direct the call however you wish, we can take messages or put the calls straight through to you, even screen the calls for you if they are unwanted or sales calls depending on what is going on in your day – we completely work it around your schedule and will happily change it on a day to day basis.

Best reception not only answer calls but if need be we are happy to help you out with any admin tasks that you may need doing for your company.

So to start you free 2 week trial today give us a call on 01992 531000

Call Answering for Private Practices

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The cost of losing out on new business can affect your company dramatically during these economic times, and an outsourced reception is one of the most efficient ways to help prevent this. If a new enquiry were to call your company and go through to an automated voicemail, what are the chances they would wait around for a call back?
Whether you run a small private practice, or one that sees hundreds of patients, it is not always practical or even possible to answer all of your calls. Here at Best Reception we have various private practices who not only use us because of our online booking system, but also to ensure that potential new enquiries are not missed and existing clients are catered to in the professional and friendly manner they expect.
Our aim is to blend seamlessly into the day to day running of your practice, achieved by answering your calls in a way that suits you and your practice. With the right knowledge to hand, your receptionists can give over the phone advice including prices, appointment lengths and even details on what their treatment will consist of. If requested we are also more than happy to book your appointments for you when you can’t, either using our free online diary system or your own booking system via remote access.
All of our services are tailor made to meet your requirements – so whether you are an osteopath, podiatrist, dentist or anything in-between, we are sure we have a service and a call plan to suit you!

All Kind of Bespoke Services

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One of the most important services offered by any reputable telephone answering company other thananswering the phone will be their bespoke services. Here at Best Reception weare extremely flexible, no task is too big or too small for us to undertake or complete.  This can be anything that yourcompany may require from

 Sorting out your post
Taking messages
Taking bookings
Diary management
Placing orders for you
Admin Work
Drafting CV’s
Forwarding Fax’s
Rearrange Appointments
Call backs


Offering a variety of services that will suit any company big or small is an asset that we pride ourselves on; as we want to do the best we can for your company. It makes us different from everyone else. By having two small teams we are able to deal with any kind of service quickly and efficiently as soon as they come in. No
matter how big or small the task it is we always do our utmost to take it on.

What are the advantages in using a telephone answering service for my company?

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Every business, no matter what size they are or sector they work in, have one very crucial aspect in common. The telephone is generally the first point of contact for any potential customer or client, so creating a perfect first impression, for any business, is essential.  What’smore, the businesses telephone line is vital in maintaining a high level of customer service with existing clients. Dealing with customer queries and even complaints quickly and efficiently is key in running a successful business. It is for these reasons, and many more, that telephone answering services are becoming a vital addition to many businesses of all varieties
It is worth noting here also, that if you have never dealt with a telephone answering service before, there are a few myths that need to be dispelled. The image often conjured up when thinking of a telephone answering service is one of a non UK based centre, filled with thousands of operators, but this is simply not the case. Best reception for example is a small company, with all receptionists based in a local office in Hertford. We pride ourselves on offering a professional, friendly and bespoke service suited to your company.

Creating a professional impression for your company

Outsourcing your reception will do exactly this. Your calls will be answered in a professional manner and will instantly give callers a great first impression of your company. By having a human operator at the end of the phone, instead of a call waiting message, busy tone or even constant ringing, will speak volumes for the professionalism of your company.

Keeping up a high standards of customer service

For any business to succeed, it is essential to maintain a good rapport with existing clients, and a telephone answering service can help you do exactly this. By keeping the line of communication flowing smoothly when day to day schedules take youaway from the phone, your receptionists will manage caller’s expectations. Whether your receptionists inform callers of your movements, or deals with customer requirements directly, your callers will be reassured that their requirements are being dealt with.

Excellent cost cutting measure for all types of  businesses

Outsourcing itself is an excellent cost cutting measure. For all businesses, outsourcing your receptionist requirements will always be more cost
effective than hiring in house staff, especially if you need a greater number of staff to manage a high volume of calls. However, outsourcing does not mean that you sacrifice quality. It is so seamlessly done that caller’s will have no idea they are not dealing with staff directly based in your office!

Providing more than just a telephone answering service

Any reputable telephone answering service nowadays will offer much more than just telephone answering. They will aim to become an extension of your company by providing any bespoke service you may need, from order taking, dealing with customer questions queries, to booking in your clients and managing your diary! These are only a few examples of what can be done for you; telephone answering services aim to provide you with so much more than an operator to answer your calls. If you wish, they will provide you with a receptionist team who will aim to complete any task you require.

Great client feedback!

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“Cant imagine how you all do what you do…. I think you all are amazing…

And I have had some great comments from people who were surprised you weren’t here when they arrived!”  –  Some fantastic feedback from a Beauty Salon in Surrey

How Best Reception Can Help Your Large Business

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Having an in-house receptionist can be useful for putting calls through to the relevant departments and correct people, however you may find that the cost of an extra person working at the company is taking its toll. Would it be much more ideal if there was someone who could act as your switchboard service, but without the high price salary? If only there was a low cost, simple and easy way to have this service, without your callers even knowing that you do not have a front of house receptionist. There is! At Best Reception we can assist your clients in finding the correct person to speak to and putting them through, always in a friendly and professional way. This seamless process will leave your callers thinking they have spoken to a Receptionist at your front desk and ensure that they have had a helpful and pleasant experience when calling your company.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing a loss of calls when your main front desk receptionist is on the other line, having a lunch break, having a toilet break or off ill. The impact losing out on just a few calls can have on your business may be huge- especially if it’s an important client or a new enquiry calling, who may not be happy with going to voicemail and could even take their business elsewhere. Using Best Reception as an overflow service for when your in-house receptionist is unavailable will help to save you from ever missing an important call from a client again!

So why not experience the benefits of the Best Telephone answering service now – cut costs and increase business!


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‘Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job for me, I don’t know what I did
before I had you’ – Complementary Healthcare Clinic in Devon

Best Reception to cover your overflow

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Here at Best Reception, many of our clients use our service when they cannot answer their calls themselves. Whether they are on the other line, simply miss the call, or have too many calls coming in at once, Best Reception provides them with an overflow telephone answering service to help ensure that calls do not go unanswered. This means that any potential new clients will not be greeted with a busy tone or an answering machine, and any existing clients will always be welcomed with a familiar voice.

Your bespoke service is achieved by us providing you with a tailor-made script that suits your companies every need. As a result; not only do you have the reassurance that your calls are answered; they are answered by a receptionist that is familiar with all aspects of your company. Your callers would never know that we are not based in house!

For companies that experience a high call volume, this can be extremely beneficial as it is more cost effective than hiring a team of in house receptionists to manage a high call volume. What’s more, outsourcing can also put your mind to rest if a receptionist is off work due to illness or any other unforeseen circumstances. We therefore we eradicate the usual staffing woes and are available to answer your calls from 8.00am -700pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-5.30pm Saturdays. Our service is equally as beneficial for smaller businesses, as we can answer your calls when ever you are otherwise occupied with the day to day managing of your business. We can inform your callers if you are out with clients, in meetings or just generally unavailable and manage their expectations accordingly. What’s more, when only receiving a small call intake it is not cost efficient to employ an in-house receptionist so by outsourcing your reception to us you can cut costs without compromising on quality.

How Best Reception Can Support Your IT Support Company

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Trying to deal with support enquiries at the same time as answering the phone may be a stressful task, and you may notice that you receive an influx of calls. You may find that you have to keep stopping with the task at hand to answer the phone. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could get on with the task at hand and not have the annoying ring of the phone? This ideal stress-free situation could be your everyday working environment with the telephone answering service from Best Reception.

Your callers do not even need to know of your outsourced reception, this is done so seamlessly that your callers will think we are based in your office. We will always take a name and number for you, however if you provide us with information on your company, we can answer any questions that your callers may have. We will also take note of any information you would like us to obtain from the callers, such as the problem they are having, machine models and serial numbers, and if applicable, a company name.

If you would like we can also provide extra services. For example one of our clients likes us to log calls on their system, so they can keep a track of all support issues and deal with them accordingly. Or if you would prefer we can simply email the message to you with all the relevant information needed so you can deal with the issue.

We can also book call outs for you. Simply share your diary with us or provide us with the log on details and we will be able to arrange a call out with your client as soon as they call in, guaranteeing you their business as they will have an appointment booked in on their first point of call.

So what are you waiting for, call Best Reception today for more information and to start a free trial so we can begin supporting you.

How an outsourced reception can save you money

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If you run your own business you will be aware that it is not always convenient to answer all of your own calls, and as your business grows and develops hiring a receptionist may be something you will have to consider. And although hiring an in house receptionist to deal with your calls is extremely beneficial to the running of your business, there are other, more cost effective, options available to you. By using Best Reception’s call answering services you can help to ensure that you never miss out on vital business calls, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist!
There are obvious reasons why outsourcing your reception would be a cost effective alternative to hiring an in-house receptionist; for example, the amount paid on a yearly salary, holiday entitlements and other in-house staff benefits. These are all unnecessary expenditures you can avoid with an outsourced reception.
With an in-house receptionist, it is almost inevitable that some calls will go unanswered during peak times, which may lead to you missing out on essential new business. But by outsourcing your calls to your very own team of virtual receptionists, you can provide your office with vital back-up at busy times. Outsourcing your reception also ensures that during periods of low call volumes you are not paying out for unnecessary staff.
Here at Best Reception we also offer a free sales screening service, which means your time is not wasted dealing with pesky sales calls. If you are currently struggling to keep on top of the everyday tasks within your business, you will know that there is nothing more irritating than pointless sales calls wasting your time and therefore your money.
So why not make the most of your business and start saving money today- Give Best Reception a call to arrange your own free trial so you can see just how helpful we can be!