Client Feedback

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We have had one of our clients trialing our switchboard service comment this morning on how the service has already “completely changed the running of the business”, and that clients have already commented on the “professionalism of my receptionist”.

He stated, “by outsourcing my switchboard to Best Reception, aside from the immediate cost savings, the consistency and continuous upbeat and friendly persona of the receptionists creates an excellent impression for my business”.

Well done to all the virtual receptionists for their hard work!! Another happy customer šŸ™‚

Switchboard Services

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Using an outsourced reception as a switchboard for your company, what ever its size, will have a vast amount of benefits for your business. Whether you would like an overflow switchboard, to relieve your current working team, or you would like your entire switchboard based at a central location, we can fit whatever requirements you need.

We can guarantee that every call will be answered, by a professional and friendly receptionist.
Accurately direct calls to any department or person required. Our system will allow for an unlimited amount of contacts within your company.
Patch to landlines or mobiles if required. If you have offices in different locations then we can transfer calls to where ever they may be.
No need for specialised software or equipment; our system can easily be integrated into your existing systems and processes.

Client describing our telephone answering service..

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We have had one of our clients, who use our admin services for CV templates, email in a description of the service they receive from Best Reception as a reference for a potential new client. They have described the service as “prompt and reliable” and also said that they are “very happy with the service that we receive from Best Reception and will continue to use them for our overflow requirements”.

Well done all! šŸ™‚

Client feedback.

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One of our long standing clients has provided a fantastic reference for our telephone answering service to one of our new clients.

He describes other call answering services as not taking the time to understand his company.

But then said that “Best Reception took the time to understand what I do and the sort of things customers would be enquiring about. As a result my customers get a first class service when they call and are unable to distinguish between Best Reception and my own front office”. He then says that he wouldĀ  “fully endorse their service and give them my unreserved recommendation”.

Well done to all of the virtual receptionists for their hard work! šŸ™‚

Telephone Answering service to take bookings

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Using a telephone answering service to take bookings is something that can be extremely beneficial to your business. We have a wide range of clients, ranging from osteopathic clinics, cosmetic clinics and even alternative health clinics, that find a virtual booking service to work in the exactly the same way a full time receptionist would, for a fraction of the cost!

We can access your diary, whether it be through a remote desktop connection or an free online calendar, and manage your appointments. We can also use information provided, if you so wish, to advise callers on different treatment methods available. We can even obtain directions to your clinic, allowing us to make sure all your new clients know how to get to you. For many of our clients we also manage their appointment reminders, sending messages to clients or ringing them to remind them of future appointments.

This service works so well, that your clients would be none the wiser that we were not based at your clinic. They would expect to see us when they walk through the door!

Work night out! :)

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All of the virtual receptionists..and Andy..are looking forward to our work night out this evening!

We are going for to a highly recommended local restaurant, Temple in Ware, to sample their finest cuisine… and then on for some slightly less refined activities in the local bars!

More fantastic client feedback

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A client of ours who are only a few days into their trial, have already described our telephone answering service as “saving their lives”. They have said that they do not think they can live without it.

We have also had a new client enquiry today, that has been recommended from an existing client of ours. They contacted us after being told by our client that the service will be “hugely beneficial” to them.

Well done to all of the virtual receptionists!! šŸ™‚

Order taking service

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From small businesses to large businesses, an order taking service can be vital to success. Missing potential orders can mean missing out on profits. A number of our clients have found that callers get put off by an answering machine, or a busy tone, and that is business lost! Potential customers want to make one call and place an order, with no fuss or hassle.

Using Best Reception as an ordering service, means that you needn’t worry about this again! We have a number of clients that we place orders for, through a variety of different means. Whether it be using sage pay, paypal, a bespoke online portal, website payment pages or even just emailing over details, you will never miss out on a potential order.

With Best reception, you can try this service yourself, completely free of charge!

158 Days to the London Marathon… how did it all begin?

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I should start this blog by saying that I’ve NEVER run anything like a marathon distance in my life and the prospect of what lies ahead is extremely daunting!

In 2009 in a moment of madness, I decided to enter the Great North Run for charity, Asthma UK, as I wanted to raise some money for this cause which is extremely important to me and my family (my young daughter has been hospitalised by asthma in the past). Although I would’ve considered myself at the time to be of average fitness, I had never run any sort of distance or entered any sporting event (unless school sports day counts!?!), so this seemed like an ideal way to really challenge myself and genuinely earn my sponsorship money.

It was tough, a genuine challenge in the truest sense but thanks to amazing generosity and support from my friends, family, colleagues and clients I was able to complete the race (in just over 2 hours) and exceed my own personal goal, and more importantly, I far exceeded my sponsorship target; I am confident that the money I raised will now have been put towards helping those who suffer from Asthma and hopefully improving their future.

In April 2011, it will be over a year and a half since and although I now would consider myself as someone who has developed a bit of the running bug, the idea of the finish line of the Great North Run only being the half-way mark of the London Marathon is somewhat terrifying!! However, I can only do my best and am hoping to raise as much as possible for Asthma UK again.

It is with this cause in mind that I’ll be heading out into the cold dark nights and early mornings to try to get into some form of condition to stay the course. As the countdown progresses, I may even have to cut back on my, ahem, occassional glass of wine too..

So here goes.. :o)