My First Day as a Virtual Receptionist

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In the role of a virtual receptionist, the first few days can be extremely daunting. Not only starting a new job, but every call you take is like working for a different company…

One of the most vital aspects of my first day was being trained to the high standards expected of the company. To achieve this I received training in many different aspects of what it takes to become a top virtual receptionist. One of these aspects was how to use our call answering software. I was shown how the system works to answer calls; how it is tailor made to suit each of our clients and how messages are effectively taken.

After this, I spent the afternoon with my Team Leader looking through companies, learning what they do and how we manage their calls. I learnt that familiarity is essential to not only provide an exceptional service to both the customers and our clients, but to also help me become a positive and friendly receptionist and to overcome any nerves I may have when answering the phone.

Another part of my day was learning about Best Reception as a company and how everything works in the offices. All of our clients are allocated a team of receptionists who answer their calls. I have gained a valuable insight into the benefits of teams in our company. Not only does it benefit our receptionists by giving them specific clients to work with and take the time to learn, but also our clients because it gives them a first class reception service, with all receptionists having the knowledge to handle their calls. It also gives our clients’ customer’s familiarity with “their reception”.

In each team, there is a team leader and an assistant team leader, these ensure that everyday tasks are regularly carried out such as checking the diaries, checking the emails and making sure each company’s notes are up to date.

All in all, I learnt a lot on my first day and I’m looking forward to my time ahead with the company.

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