More than just an answering service

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Here at Best Reception many of our clients enjoy the benefits of our service being so much more than just a telephone answering service. An outsourced reception can help you effectively manage your time by relieving more of the day to day pressures of running a business as well as answering your calls. 

Our call handling software allows us to access vast amounts of information about your company, enabling us to answer any common question or queries your customers may have. For example one of our companies we take orders for sell fruit baskets. We get asked for prices, opening times , methods of payment and many other general queries they may have which we are able to answer. We can also answer questions about the products themselves for example how fresh the fruit is, what fruit is used and how long will it last for. With any urgent enquiries we can patch to you so you can speak to them directly. Having all this information makes the callers feel like they are talking to someone within the company.

Another example of Best Reception being more than just an answering service is the booking service we provide for many of our clients. Having an outsourced reception to handle your booking not only saves money but also allows you to never miss out on potential business and manage your time effectively. For example one of our clients who run a natural drug free remedy clinic for respiratory problems have clinics based all over the world. They have provided us with logins to access their diary remotely, where we can book their appointments for two of their clinics and we also have lots of information sheets with session times, directions, what to wear, massage therapy and much more.  This greatly helps the running of their clinic as client needs are catered to quickly and efficiently by prompt appointment booking and question answering.

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