Marathon Training Difficulties – Last Few Weeks

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Ouch.  There are times when it just doesn’t quite go to plan and this weekend was a perfect example.   With just 21 days until the marathon the inevitable happened and a planned mid length run (about 15 miles) turned into more of a puffing and panting stagger round the block.  Barely managing 8K, I gave up and headed for the showers feeling quite disconsolate and pretty much exhausted.  Are my marathon hopes dashed?  I certainly hope not but on Saturday I was definitely falling way short of the finish line and naturally, this was quite distressing!

However, jumping straight back on the horse on Monday, I managed 10K in the gym on Monday in a slightly slower than my typical average time  (about 55 mins, in a 10k race would aim at sub 50) with relative ease so it appears that all is not lost!  Back to the gym tonight to continue with the tapering plan (aiming at 10 miles / 90 minutes) and we’ll see how this goes.

So, what have I learned from this?  One big thing was the impact of going off too fast and underestimating the time it takes to get into the rhythm, even on short runs; having done longer training runs my head clearly wasn’t in it on Saturday and motivation hit rock bottom.

If I can keep the training to plan, without too many niggles (ankle starting to play up a bit!) hopefully all will be fine.  My big lesson from this weekend is that I must ease myself into the Marathon itself (all too tempting to go shooting off and ruin the whole race) and I must be 100% committed to the race plan and have the belief that I will have what it takes… so training the grey muscle between my ears is seemingly just as important as all the other ones!

18 Days to go….

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