Making your small business look bigger

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Here at Best reception, we provide a seamless reception service for a variety of small companies, providing a professional, and extremely cost effective receptionist, to handle those all important phone calls

As a small business not only may you struggle to answer every call, but creating that all important first impression is vital to the success of your business. Having your calls go through to a mobile whilst you are out and about, or having your callers greeted by a voicemail could potentially damage that first impression of your company  This is why many of our clients use our reception service, so if they are in a meeting or simply unable to take a call, they can divert their phones to our telephone answering service, having their calls answered in their company name by a friendly, professional receptionist.

With using a reception service we will prevent you from missing a call and can also give the impression of more employees working at your business. Not only will using us prevent you from losing business through lost phone calls, but we can also create an impression of a larger enterprise, which many of our clients find hugely beneficial to their business image. For example, many of our clients running small businesses have a script created solely for this purpose, with references to “the sales team”, “accounts department” and even “the support team”. 

In the current economic climate, business growth and can be very difficult. Cutting costs has become an important priority for many small businesses, but so has business expansion and appealing to a new clientele. This is why reception offers not only a cost effective service, but also a means to appeal to a whole new clientele of business, with the image of a larger enterprise and a guarantee that all of your important calls will be answered on quality by using Best Reception instead. In fact, by having your own team of 4 receptionists for far less than the price of 1, you’ll receive consistency and uninterrupted cover without the need for lunch breaks, holiday or sick leave!

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