Lost in Hertford… with 5 weeks to go!

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The training for the big day seems to be back on track (touch wood) and I managed my furthest ever distance on the road on Saturday – 2o miles.  While quite elated to have achieved this milestone, there is absolutely no doubt that I was absolutely shattered at the end – could I have managed another 6.2 miles?  I’m not so sure…

On the plus side, I did complete this without any serious preparation on the day, supplements and with a total of just 1.5 litres of water throughout so hopefully I’ll have some more energy reserves on the 17 April.  However, I remember reading another London Marathon blog where the author mentioned hitting the wall at 2o miles and hugely struggling to get going again.  So fingers crossed.

One part of my run that did add to the excitement was managing to get lost (for about an hour!) running round fields until eventually I managed to find my original point of entry and get back on the road.  While this made interesting running, I’m also taking consolation in the fact that this was hard going and perhaps stole a couple of my marathon road miles!! At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  If it wasn’t for the GPS (thank you Garmin), I’d probably still be running round that field!

Planning my final big run (as far as I can get in 3.5 hours) on Saturday and then the folks in the know suggest that I start to reduce my distance until race day – I quite like the sound of that advice 🙂

Marathon pack arrived yesterday and the countdown begins – it’s starting to get quite exciting although when I look at the route plan, it’s also looking quite daunting too.  Am hoping that I’ll be spurred on by the crowds and the thought of what I’m running this for (Asthma UK) and all the generosity from those that have sponsored me.  Thanks to you all 🙂

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