Independent Driving Instructor

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Being an independent driving instructor in particular is a profession that can take you away fromyour phones. You will spend most of your working day out on the road, with your existing clients on driving lessons. This is why we have a large client base in this industry, as we provide a solution to ensure that all enquiries are dealtwith quickly and efficiently.

For many of our clients in this industry we use a free and easy to use online diary system, to book in lessons for their existing clients and new students, as well as reschedule lessons if required. Our clients have found that this not only keeps their existing clients happy by having their requirements quickly dealt with, but it also has significantly increased their clientele. This is because when their potential new students call in, they are always able to get through to a receptionist that can answer all of their questions and get them booked in, as opposed to being greeted by a voicemail or having their call unanswered.

Our sophisticated call handling software means that we can have easy access to a large amount of information, meaning that we can deal with questions and queries for you when you are out on lessons. For example, we can advise your callers on the prices of individual lessons, any bulk bookings you may do, the areas you cover, the type of car that you use, even information on booking theory and practical tests if you wish.

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