How To Set Up Your Line

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If you’re considering setting up a line with Best Reception then do not hesitate to call us today, as it is a very quick and easy process. With some simple information such as what your company does, who works there and what to do with your calls we can get a line set up for you.

We begin by giving you your own unique DDI to divert your calls to. It is a number local to us which is in Hertford, which you then divert your business line to. If you are based near and do not yet have a number for your company, you can even choose to use this as your number. Alternatively, if you would like us to supply you with a business phone number we can easily do this for you; we can get 0800, 0845 or even 020 numbers. Once we have supplied you with a number, you can then easily divert as many lines as you wish to us!

When it is out of our working hours (Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30pm) you have a few options as to what you would like your calls to do. We can either set your divert so the calls go straight to your phone out of hours, or we can set up your very own voicemail.  When callers leave a message, a sound bite is then email straight to you, or if you wish we can listen to these for you and send them to you as messages, or action them if able (i.e. booking appointments or calling clients back as required) We can also arrange a 24 hour service if you want your calls to be answered by a receptionist 24/7. Or you can even choose to just have nothing happen to your calls when out of hours and have your calls just ring out.

We then set up a script for you, routing it to your DDI and brief all of the receptionists in your team on your company. You can then easily divert your calls permanently or switch it on and off whenever you are unable to take the calls. So why wait, calls Best Reception today to set up your very own line.

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