How Best Reception Can Support Your IT Support Company

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Trying to deal with support enquiries at the same time as answering the phone may be a stressful task, and you may notice that you receive an influx of calls. You may find that you have to keep stopping with the task at hand to answer the phone. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could get on with the task at hand and not have the annoying ring of the phone? This ideal stress-free situation could be your everyday working environment with the telephone answering service from Best Reception.

Your callers do not even need to know of your outsourced reception, this is done so seamlessly that your callers will think we are based in your office. We will always take a name and number for you, however if you provide us with information on your company, we can answer any questions that your callers may have. We will also take note of any information you would like us to obtain from the callers, such as the problem they are having, machine models and serial numbers, and if applicable, a company name.

If you would like we can also provide extra services. For example one of our clients likes us to log calls on their system, so they can keep a track of all support issues and deal with them accordingly. Or if you would prefer we can simply email the message to you with all the relevant information needed so you can deal with the issue.

We can also book call outs for you. Simply share your diary with us or provide us with the log on details and we will be able to arrange a call out with your client as soon as they call in, guaranteeing you their business as they will have an appointment booked in on their first point of call.

So what are you waiting for, call Best Reception today for more information and to start a free trial so we can begin supporting you.

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