Health + Beauty – Sun Exposure

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 As we are coming out of winter demolish these darker shades and open up with neutral colours this summer. Summer can put an up on to everybody’s day and why not dress how you feel.
Your health is important. The sun is a physiological factor of making you feel good. Having a tan makes you feel more confident, appear to look slimmer and gives you that summer glow.
The sun provides your skin with amounts of Vitamin D. If you are not getting adequate sun exposure, you must make sure you can have a well balanced diet with high rich sources of vitamin D to get the proper levels of vitamins that the body requires.
Having to much sun exposure can cause serious problems later on in life. There is no doubt that too much exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. As a result too much tanning can consequence in age spots, premature aging and wrinkles as we get older.
In conclusion we would like people to think more when exposing them selves in the sun light, make sure you wear a high protection and cover up in the hottest parts of the day!

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