Effective Time Management

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All business owners will know how important effective time management is when running a successful company. It is essential that when organising the day to day running of your business, that your time is not monopolised in areas where it is not most needed. This is why many of our clients use our telephone answering service, as telephone interruptions can be a major time consumer (and unanswered calls could be very costly for your business!).
Here at Best Reception we can handle your calls and guarantee none of them will go unanswered. Your callers will be greeted by a professional and friendly receptionist and not an answer phone! This will help decrease your work load, allowing you to have more time in other areas of you business. Diverting your calls to us will not only offload some of the day to day strain of running a business, but your customers will also feel satisfied after speaking to a polite and professional receptionist, rather than struggling to get hold of you. Why have to go through a number of answer phone messages just to find the caller has not left a number? By using our message taking service we can ensure all the relevant details are obtained to save you time and effort.
What’s more, we can also save you valuable time by booking and managing your diary. Many of our clients use our telephone answering service to help them manage their meetings, book in appointments, speak to clients and even help with their admin paperwork. If you are out on the road or otherwise engaged, your receptionist team can remotely help the running of your office, by doing any jobs that you require!
Furthermore, by using a shared online diary we can access your movements, allowing us to know your schedule and inform your callers on when it is best to reach you or when they are likely to receive a call back. This will help maintain a good rapport with your customers as they will not become frustrated when trying to reach you.
Unlike many other telephone answering services, we also offer a cold call screening service completely free of charge. We understand how time consuming these calls can be especially when you are not interested. So we will take these calls for you and deal with them so you don’t have to!
So if you need help with time management contact us at Best Reception and we can help you concentrate on the areas where you time is most needed!

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