Customer Service – A Key Ingredient in Success

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When people ask me what we do at Best Reception, a typical answer would be likely to be that we are a “virtual reception” or a “telephone answering service” however, this doesn’t necessarily do justice to our company or the brilliant team that we’re lucky to have.  Although our core activity does definitely involve providing a reception service to answer the phone for hundreds of companies, we are at our very core a customer service company, through and through.

Every time one of our virtual receptionists answers the phone, they ‘put on the hat’ of the client that they are answering the phone for and for the duration of that call, it is vital that they provide the highest level of customer service to their caller.  As the actual activity that each call involves varies so immensely, from taking customer orders to booking apppointments, providing product information or even just putting the caller through to one of our clients, the phone is simply the medium used for our team to provide this brilliant customer service.

Many company owners that approach Best Reception, looking for a solution to their telephone answering needs, are still in the fledgling stage of their new business and will be looking into the various ways that they can ensure their new business thrives.  If I could offer just one piece of advice to any such business it would be to provide brilliant customer service in every aspect of your business.

Our success as a company is 100% dependent on the people we employ and ensuring that they understand and buy into our belief in brilliant customer service.  They are not just the front line of our company, they’re the front line of our customer’s companies too – and as a business owner, I would need to have exceptional confidence in any company that I was enslisting to represent me and I would definitely check for a proven track record, testimonials and client recommendations.

When considering which virtual reception to choose, it is likely that price will be a factor and understandably so.  We’ve always prided ourselves on offering exceptional value for money and a clear pricing structure but I genuinely hope that when people recommend our services to others (as they often do!) that they focus on the quality of our receptionists, their poisitivity, professionalism, friendliness and the great customer service…

…if they also mention the fact that we’re extremely competitive on price too, that’s a bonus!

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