Telephone Answering for Photographers

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You may find that the phone always seems to ring at an inappropriate time, for example whilst on a shoot, just about to take the perfect image, the phone rings, disrupting your ‘focus’ and causing a welcome interruption. Or you may wish to turn your phone off, so as to avoid any distractions; how frustrating to turn your phone back on to find a missed call from a valuable client, or from a new enquiry who chooses not to leave a voicemail or has already rung another photographer by the time they have heard back from you. Why not use Best Reception’s valuable service to avoid these terrible scenarios!

With a virtual reception service from Best Reception, one of the options you can choose is to have all your calls diverted to us, meaning we will always be the first point of contact for your clients. Your own team of virtual receptionist will warmly and professionally aid your callers in whatever way needed (perhaps transfer calls to you when you are available or take messages when you’re not – why not use our free online diary notifications to keep us posted of your availability?).

You can also choose to divert your calls to us as and when you wish. So when you are available to take the call you can have them go straight to you, however when you need your calls to be taken care of, for example on a photo shoot, you can divert the calls to us, meaning they will go straight to your friendly receptionist. This way you can always stay on top of all your calls but when necessary you will have the stress-free relief knowing no calls are being missed.

Our receptionists can put the calls through to your mobile or a landline for you, so you can see that we are calling and can choose whether or not to answer, knowing the client is in safe hands and a message will be taken for you.  Alternatively, you can answer and fine out who it is, and instruct us to either put the call through to you or we take on a message, perhaps advising the caller under the impression we could not reach you on your line – and enabling you to manage  your time more effectively.

Of course you can also provide your receptionist with any needed information, such as prices and packages, frequently asked questions, directions to your studio and, in fact any information that you might provide your own receptionist with, so when assist your callers as much as possible.

Best Reception can help your business grow and create a stress free alternative for you.  For indpependent photographers, studios, wedding and events specialists through to photographers who specialise in the corporate sector, we can help you and your callers and would be delighted to assist. Call us on (freephone) 0800 0430084 today to start a free trial to experience all of our benefits without cost or obligation!

Your Answering Service Could Change Your Business

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Is everyday a rush and stress of trying to get tasks done whilst answering the phone and dealing with new enquiries? Does the phone ringing constantly stop you from the task inhand, stumbling you from your work and wasting your precious time? Would it all be easier if you did not have the worry of the phone disrupting your assignment, or the more stressful worry that missing a call could mean missing out on a major new client? Best Reception can help you today, saving you from losing new enquiries and saving your time, a team of personal virtual receptionists would help create your stress free environment.

Having Best Reception as your telephone answering service could also improve the appearance of your business for your callers. Whereas a missed call may look unprofessional, having a friendly receptionist always answer the phone quickly and pleasantly would put the caller at ease and help them to see how high-quality your business is. The receptionist would then assist the caller in whatever way you wish, whether that be answering questions they may have, booking appointments, taking orders or even acting as your very own switchboard. You can also provide us with a list of your VIP callers, so the receptionist would be able to act familiar with the client, which would mean your clients would not even realise you are outsourcing your reception but think that we are sitting in your office with you.

You may be wasting half of your business day on the phone, dealing with new enquiries is always beneficial, but when the phone rings at an inappropriate time, stopping the task you are doing or the meeting you are in can be highly troublesome. You may also receive a volume of sales calls a day, these irritating calls that waste your time could be screened out for free with our no charge sales screening service! So why not make the most of your business day and call Best Reception today for a free trial?


Starting Up A New Business

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Starting up a new business can be daunting, trying to make sure everything goes smoothly as we,, as building up a client base can be stressful. Adding to that stress can be the telephone ringing, especially when tied up in another task or on another call. The effect on your business that missing a call may have could be catastrophic, as the caller may be a big new enquiry who does not wish to leave a voicemail, so simply hangs up and calls the next company on the list. However if they called up and went through to a receptionist, who was efficient and friendly, and put them through to the relevant person or gave them the relevant details and handled their enquiry, they would feel satisfied from the call and would happily use your services again in the future.

You may alternatively be starting a business whilst still at a current job, needing a company specifically tailored to your day to day needs. Best Reception can flex to answering the phone how you want, and when you want as you can divert the calls whenever you wish. This can save you much needed stress of missing calls whilst otherwise occupied, meaning your new business can start off professionally and successfully.

Just as your new company will evolve and may have changes as your business progresses, our service can change as much as you need, including the call plans for when your call volume changes, to always make sure you are getting the best deal. You may also begin to employ new people for your company, with specific call handling for each individual (e.g messages emailed, send via text, calls put though etc), so having out reception service that can easily add new contacts and change the way we answer your calls from day to day would be highly beneficial.

So what are you waiting for, call Best Reception today to arrange a free trial and find out more.

Call answering for Hypnotherapists

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If you are a busy hypnotherapist you will know how difficult it can be to answer all of your calls as and when they come in. Working as a professional that requires a relaxing and calming atmosphere to deliver an effective service, nothing can be more of an unwanted distraction than a ringing telephone. Whether you are self employed, working for a company or running your own practice, fitting call answering and handling into your daily schedule can be easier said than done.

Here at Best Reception, we have various hypnotherapists using our service and we know that it is not always convenient to answer the phone. By outsourcing your calls to Best Reception you can help to ensure that your calls are answered and handled by your very own friendly and hospitable receptionists. Our service is flexible too, so you can choose to divert all of your calls to us to act as your permanent receptionists, or you can choose to just divert calls when you are busy or out of the office. Diverting calls to us when you are busy can be an extremely useful service to use; especially in situations such as when you are with a patient and require a calm surrounding. Diverting your calls can save the ringing phone interrupting the serenity of your practice and therefore disturbing the success of your therapy.

Your receptionists will answer your calls in your name and blend seamlessly into the daily running of your business, so your clients won’t have to know we exist. But your receptionist’s job is not just limited to answering your phone calls. They can disclose as much or as little information as you wish including prices, treatment lengths and what the therapy will entail. If requested we are also more than happy to book your appointments for you, either using our free online diary system or your own booking system if you already have one in place.

By combining all of these services, you will be able to relax into the daily running of your business, safe in the knowledge that your team of virtual receptionists are taking care of your incoming calls. So if you’re looking for a seamless answering service for your hypnotherapy practice, why not call Best Reception now to start your free trial?

My First Day as a Virtual Receptionist

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In the role of a virtual receptionist, the first few days can be extremely daunting. Not only starting a new job, but every call you take is like working for a different company…

One of the most vital aspects of my first day was being trained to the high standards expected of the company. To achieve this I received training in many different aspects of what it takes to become a top virtual receptionist. One of these aspects was how to use our call answering software. I was shown how the system works to answer calls; how it is tailor made to suit each of our clients and how messages are effectively taken.

After this, I spent the afternoon with my Team Leader looking through companies, learning what they do and how we manage their calls. I learnt that familiarity is essential to not only provide an exceptional service to both the customers and our clients, but to also help me become a positive and friendly receptionist and to overcome any nerves I may have when answering the phone.

Another part of my day was learning about Best Reception as a company and how everything works in the offices. All of our clients are allocated a team of receptionists who answer their calls. I have gained a valuable insight into the benefits of teams in our company. Not only does it benefit our receptionists by giving them specific clients to work with and take the time to learn, but also our clients because it gives them a first class reception service, with all receptionists having the knowledge to handle their calls. It also gives our clients’ customer’s familiarity with “their reception”.

In each team, there is a team leader and an assistant team leader, these ensure that everyday tasks are regularly carried out such as checking the diaries, checking the emails and making sure each company’s notes are up to date.

All in all, I learnt a lot on my first day and I’m looking forward to my time ahead with the company.

Best Reception Free Trial

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Not sure if an Answering Service is for you? Why not set up a free trial with Best Reception today and find out? We offer a two week FREE trial that gives you the chance to see how beneficial Best Reception can be to the running of your business.

A free trial also enables us to get to know your company and the call volume you will be receiving. This means that if you decide to go live with Best Reception we can then put you on the best call plan for you to ensure you are getting the most out of our service. With your own team of virtual receptionists answering calls before you sign up with Best Reception we can really get to know your company, ensuring the best quality service.

Call now for a free, non obligatory trial to see how best reception can really be the best service for your company.

Best Reception – Setting up your Line

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Setting up your line with Best Reception couldn’t be easier! When you decide to go live with us the first thing we do is take a few basic details about your company, such as your company name, number, address, email address and what your company specialises in. You will also be asked how you would like us to answer and handle your calls. These details with then be added to our database of companies in order to set up your script and get under way.

As soon as you give us the information about your company and what you require, we will set up a phone line for you and you will be assigned your own locally sourced 01992 number to divert your calls to (DDI). However if you prefer we can also source 0800 numbers for you too!

This DDI will be assigned to your very own team of Virtual Receptionists, so whenever a call comes in it will go through to your own team of 4 receptionists to give a more personal touch.

Once we have set up your DDI number and your account code we will email you an application form to sign and fill in to make sure you are entirely happy with starting up with us and agree to all the terms and conditions.

Now it is time to set up your script! To start we need to link your DDI number to our call answering software so that as soon as that number is called our system recognises it and your script pops up. Then we get to work on the rest of the script and start adding all the other details such as the greeting, company contacts, call handling information and general company information.

When your script is all up and running we will let you know and you can start diverting your calls to us when you like!

Virtual Receptionists – Their First Days

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When a new receptionist starts with us here at Best Reception rather than getting them straight on to the phone there is a process that is followed, this is to ensure that all new virtual Receptionists are fully trained and confident in answering your calls before any are taken.

Firstly, they sit down with the Managing Director and go through the Best Reception Core Values; here they will learn what we expect from them and how essential being friendly and professional on every call is.

Once this verbal stage of training is completed they will then sit down with the office manager and be introduced to our call handling system and shown all the ins and outs of it. As soon as they become accustomed to this we run through a few practice calls and role play situations with them so they get an idea of what to expect on a call and how to react to a range of situations. They will only start answering live calls when both they and the office manager are 100% confident that they are able to and ready to.

Once the receptionist is ready they will start taking calls. The first calls they take will be either patching or general message taking. The order taking or appointment booking clients will be excluded from the incoming calls they handle during this time.

Initially they will handle such calls on both teams, however they will then go on to train with the team leader of their elected team and go on to answer their teams calls only.

They will be carefully monitored during their first week with a team leader shadowing them at all times to ensure that all calls are handled in the correct manner and that they have support whenever needed.

The commencing weeks will consist of the new starter furthering their knowledge of their team’s client base to an even greater extent. For example they will be shown how to book appointments on a variety of different booking systems and also learn how to place orders.

Here at Best Reception there is always more to learn as new clients are joining us all the time so in this sense training never ends.

When a new Receptionist starts here there are certain attributes that we like to ensure that they have, such as positivity, professionalism and a friendly and approachable personality to name a few. This means that your Receptionist handles your calls to the best ability.

A day of trialing!

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We have started the process of getting applicants in for a virtual receptionist trial!

We are putting them through their paces and testing their telephone answering skills. We will have to wait and see which applicant will make the cut and live up to the high standards we have!

Watch this space for the lucky winner!