More excellent feedback!

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I would just like to say a big thank you to you all for:


1. Trying so hard to learn a new product

2.  being so polite to all my customers

3. making me feel confident that (the company) is being cared for

4. Passing on questions in such a clear fashion

5. Making the effort to call people back

6. Reducing the number of calls I need to make

7. Helping to improve the information on the website

And last but not least…

For making me a happy bunny!


Fantastic Feedback from a Short Term Cover Client!

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“I am pleased to say the telephone service you provided last week for us seems to have gone very well with no complaints at all from this end. As far as am aware all calls were answered perfectly and all within the co. got their messages where applicable.

Thanks for the excellent service and for setting us up so quickly and we will definitely be using your company for any future telephone cover we require.” 

    –      Board Games Supplier and Distributor


Our Hairdressing Clients

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At Best Reception we answer calls for a wide array of businesses, amongst these are hairdressers. One of our clients, who run a salon in London, find our service particularly useful when busy with clients or on the other line. With their calls we act as an overflow service, explaining to callers that the receptionist is on the other line and will call them back shortly.

If you have a salon, your staff may be too busy with clients to answer calls, causing a call to be missed. This may be a potential new customer,  who may take their business elsewhere, making you loose out on new business. Or maybe your receptionist finds it difficult to cope with a high volume of calls, especially  when she is already on the phone. Whatever the case Best Reception are here to help.

Maybe your self employed and find it difficult answering the phone when your with a client or when you are travelling jobs. Again you can let Best Reception take away the worry of missing important calls in these circumstances.

You can choose how you would like to use our service, whether you would like an overflow receptionist to simply take messages or whether you would like a fully – fledged receptionist to take bookings on your very own diary. What ever you require, we can accommodate your needs.

The Advantages of Outsourcing

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Many of our clients find outsourcing their reception
extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Here at Best Reception
we answer calls for a large variety of clientele, each of which are provided
with a tailor made service and for many we act as far more than just an
answering service. We do our utmost to ensure every call is answered in a
polite and professional manner; this is made achievable by supplying each
company with a team of friendly receptionists.

Outsourcing your calls to a virtual reception has many
advantages, one of which is appearing as a larger enterprise. This can be
useful if you are only a small business and do not wish for people to know how
many people are working for you. We also understand that it is not cost
effective to employ an in-house receptionist if your call volume is low, by
outsourcing your reception you can cut costs without compromising the quality.
In many ways an outsourced reception can be an improvement as you will not have
the usual staffing woes including holidays and sick pay.

Within our clientele we answer for various larger
corporations who find us equally as beneficial. Many of which use us as a
switchboard service, this allows the calls to come in from one direct line and
we can transfer them to an unlimited amount of employees, departments and
places. To deal with the amount of incoming calls you would need several
in-house receptionists which will become extremely costly but by outsourcing
your reception or using us as an overflow for your existing system you can save
money but still maintain a high quality service.

Call Answering for New Businesses

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When starting a new business, we understand it can be difficult answer every phone call. By outsourcing your calls toBest Reception, you can ensure that none of your calls go unanswered; this means that none of your callers will be greeted with a voicemail, including potential new business opportunities! This is essential for your success as many new clients will find an answer phone off putting and may go elsewhere. So even if you are unable to get to the phone your calls will never go unanswered.

Not only can we help decrease your busy workload but by outsourcing your calls to us you business will automatically appear larger. We ensure that all of your calls are answered in a manor of your choice, by your team of professional and friendly receptionists.

Creating a respectable and reputable company is hard, especially in the current economic climate. Here atBest Reception, we understand that first impressions are vital in forming a successful business, that’s why we can guarantee your calls will be answered quickly and efficiently, and handled in a way that you want us to – saving you time to do other essential tasks.

As well as having all of your calls answered, you also receive an email including any information you ask us to obtain. This way you will know who has been calling you and what the call is regarding, allowing you to filter out calls that you do not wish to take.

Your Very Own PA

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Trying to run your own business can be hard work, so dealing with laborious tasks which take up your precious time such as sending out mail or other admin work can be frustrating. However hiring another person at your office who will do that work for you can be very costly. Why not save money and time by using Best Reception to take your calls and deal with admin work, just like having your very own PA but at a much cheaper price!


Best Reception can do admin work such as data sorting onto spreadsheets, formatting work such as cv’s, or any other tiresome tasks which may unnecessarily take up your time. If you need to send information to your clients why not use Best Reception to send this for you, or even use our office in Hertford as a mailing address.


Arranging your diary with client appointments is another way we can make sure you have spare time for more essential tasks. Simply let us know you’re available and we can fit in your clients to suit you. There’s also no need to arrange a complicated and expensive booking system, as we can easily log onto it from our computer or even share you diary with our Google diaries account for fast and simple booking.


We also can call your clients for you, providing a service which can rearrange your appointments or provide them with information they may need from you. For example if clients need to know particular information on a product of yours simply send a quick email to Best Reception and we will call them for you, saving you time and also presenting your business in a professional manner. This will also help your company to appear bigger as Best Reception can act as your own sales team.


So there is no need to waste anymore time dealing with tedious admin work and lengthy appointment bookings. Why not call Best Reception today for more information.

Virtual Reception for Outbound Calls

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  At Best Reception not only do we handle as much of your incoming call volume as you would like us to but we can also make outbound calls for you too! This helps to give an even more seamless illusion of having a front desk receptionist.

  We can arrange and reschedule appointments for you or we can even call back clients who may just need a message passing on to them. If you do not have a large sales team and have clients calling to find out information about services or products we can help you save time by calling clients who may have specific requirements and help them with their queries.

  For smaller companies this service helps your company appear larger by having a virtual assistant arrange your meetings or appointments or even by giving the illusion of a sales team. Or if you are a larger company, you could save valuable time by using Best Reception to call your clients for you.

  Whatever you requirements may be, Best Reception will be happy to help.