Your Answering Service Could Change Your Business

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Is everyday a rush and stress of trying to get tasks done whilst answering the phone and dealing with new enquiries? Does the phone ringing constantly stop you from the task inhand, stumbling you from your work and wasting your precious time? Would it all be easier if you did not have the worry of the phone disrupting your assignment, or the more stressful worry that missing a call could mean missing out on a major new client? Best Reception can help you today, saving you from losing new enquiries and saving your time, a team of personal virtual receptionists would help create your stress free environment.

Having Best Reception as your telephone answering service could also improve the appearance of your business for your callers. Whereas a missed call may look unprofessional, having a friendly receptionist always answer the phone quickly and pleasantly would put the caller at ease and help them to see how high-quality your business is. The receptionist would then assist the caller in whatever way you wish, whether that be answering questions they may have, booking appointments, taking orders or even acting as your very own switchboard. You can also provide us with a list of your VIP callers, so the receptionist would be able to act familiar with the client, which would mean your clients would not even realise you are outsourcing your reception but think that we are sitting in your office with you.

You may be wasting half of your business day on the phone, dealing with new enquiries is always beneficial, but when the phone rings at an inappropriate time, stopping the task you are doing or the meeting you are in can be highly troublesome. You may also receive a volume of sales calls a day, these irritating calls that waste your time could be screened out for free with our no charge sales screening service! So why not make the most of your business day and call Best Reception today for a free trial?


Benefits of using Best Reception as a booking service

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Whether you are a beauty therapist, hairdresser, osteopath or a chiropractor, Best Reception can help your business to run smoothly no matter what your trade. You may only be a small company, meaning answering the phone can be tricky due to being in other appointments or otherwise unavailable. Using our virtual reception service to make sure all calls are answered quickly and efficiently could result in never loosing a new enquiry due to them hanging up when they go to voicemail, and choosing to go somewhere else.

If you are a larger company you could already have a front of house receptionist, but she may not always be available to answer the phone, so you could use Best Reception as your overspill and just divert your calls to us as and when you need to.

Save time and money by having your own team of virtual receptionists always ready to answer the phone and book in appointments using the free online diary system we offer to all clients or allowing us to access your very own diary. We just simply need to know your opening hours and how long to book in appointments for and we can book in all patients for you. Provide us with more information on your business and we can answer questions from callers, giving the illusion that we are your own personal front of house receptionist. With some of our existing clients we cancel any appointments needed when a practitioner is unwell or something else has come up and can reschedule them back in for another day or time.

If you’re interested in using our professional and efficient booking service to handle all your bookings and client queries, call Best Reception today for a free trial.

Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service.

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Any business owner will agree that running a company can be very stressful and time consuming. By outsourcing your calls to us at Best Reception your day to day work load can be minimised, leaving your day less stressful. If you have a small business it can be hard to ensure every call is answered, but many new clients will hang up if greeted by a busy tone or voicemail. By diverting your calls to us we will ensure you never miss out on any potential new business and can guarantee that every call will be answered in a polite and professional manner. We will also act familiar with your existing clients to ensure they remain happy with your service. Our reception service is so seamless that your callers will expect us to be sitting at the front desk of your company.

            Larger companies, who use our telephone answering service as a switchboard, have found this to be extremely beneficial to the management of a large amount of calls. Not only can we guarantee that calls are promptly answered, but outsourcing a large call volume is extremely cost effective. Hiring an in house receptionist to accommodate a large call volume can be a great expense! We can handle your calls in any way you require, for example calls can be put it through to as many different departments and people as needed. We also offer free sales screening so any cold callers will be dealt with and you will not be charged for these calls. This will stop your valuable time being consumed on irrelevant matters.

            Further more our large clientele get the opportunity to share an online diary with us. This enables us to know your work schedules and advise callers on your availability. If you had a meeting you could add this to your diary, which would be visible to us, and we would inform callers of this and let them know when they are likely to get a response. In addition to this according to the information you provide us with we can deal with some of your calls for you, including directions and prices. Therefore by outsourcing your switchboard to Best Reception you are left with more time to efficiently manage your company.

Telephone Answering For Box Offices

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We have numerous clients who use our telephone answering service to manage bookings.  If you run a theatre of any size we can provide a tailor-made service to suit the requirements of your business; whether you require a simple message taking service or a fully fledged booking line we’d be delighted to assist with your requirements.  We can;

 Book Tickets – If you would like us to we can book tickets by accessing your own booking system. We can then give out booking references to the callers once the payments have been completed so they are re-assured that the bookings are secured.  However if you would rather us just act as your over flow when you are on calls and we can simply just take a message with their details and send them through to you.

Reserve seats –  If you allow us to we can access your booking system, choose seats and reserve them for those callers who are not 100% sure they would like to purchase them.

Answer Customer Queries –  If you provide us with the information we can answer your customers  day to day queries. For instance we can give out information on what shows are available, dates and times of shows and seating arrangements, so you don’t have to!

Give out prices – If you provide us with your price lists we can give out prices to customers. Whether all tickets are the same price or whether they vary between dates or age we can give this out to them. Not only this but we can even arrange group bookings and find the best prices for callers so your customers come away happy!

Give out important information – We are also here to give out any essential information to customers, for example if there are any performance changes or cancellations we can provide this information to your customers so they are fully aware. 

 So whatever your specific requirements are if you provide us with the information and tell us what you would like us to do we can do it! Whether you would like us to fully run your box office or just act as your over flow we are happy to help.