It’s Not Always Convenient To Answer Your Phones

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Hearing your phone ring at an inconvenient time is never a good thing. You are always wondering when you hear the phone ring off, who was that? Was it a new enquiry? Have I missed a new business opportunity?

At Best Reception we can answer your calls for you to ensure that you do not miss out on a new business venture. By using our free online diary system or by giving us access to your current system, you can let us know your movements. This illuminates the worry of missing calls and also enables us to give out accurate information to your callers regarding your whereabouts. This keeps them happy as we can give them an idea of when they are likely to receive a call back and we can take bespoke message whilst you are otherwise engaged.

Having meetings interrupted, or losing your train of thought due to a ringing phone can be extremely off putting, making it hard to get back on track straight away. Having your calls answered by a team of polite friendly receptionists helps put a stop to the everyday interruptions, helping you improve your time management within more important aspects of your business.  If we take messages for you and something is urgent we can send it to you as an SMS as well so you will
know there is something that needs you attention at your earliest convenience. In addition to this we can also patch any call through to any location or number.

By having Best Reception answer your calls all of your callers will be able to speak to someone instead of getting an answer machine where they may decline to leave a message. By talking to someone it gives more of a personal touch and they will get things done quickly and efficiently.

Switchboard Services for Large Companies.

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Using an outsourced switchboard has proved to be extremely beneficial for large companies within our clientele. We offer a cost effective yet professional service, whether being a centralised switchboard or an overflow for your existing team. Employing enough in-house receptionists to manage the high call volume a large company receives is extremely costly. But by using a switchboard service you can cut costs without compromising quality. In fact in many ways we could help improve your service by eliminating the usual staffing woes (i.e. staff sickness and holidays). 


Our service gives us the ability to put a call through to multiple locations, departments and people without the use of an automated service. Speaking to an automated switchboard is not as satisfying as speaking to a real person and can leave callers frustrated. If the person asked for is unavailable we can take bespoke messages and email them across so important calls are not missed due to callers being put off by a voicemail or busy tone.


Another advantage to outsourcing your reception is that we offer a sales screening service. This stops any unwanted calls being put through leaving you more time for the more important aspects of your company. In addition to this for many of our clients we have a VIP list for their most regular callers, this allows us to act familiar with them when they call. Overall Best Reception aim to improve the day to day running of your company and our services can now be done so seamlessly that your clients will assume we are in-house receptionists.

Call Handling for Recruitment Companies.

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 A client of ours specialising in Recruitment inShropshirefind it particularly beneficial using Best Reception to answer their calls. They find that using our answering service makes their small office appear larger and helps save time as we screen out any unnecessary sales calls that may interrupt them needlessly whilst working or with clients.

 When it comes to using a reception service you can give us your own bespoke form so we will retrieve the information you require. This not only saves you time when it comes to returning the call but also enables you to have all the information in front of you when you are speaking to the candidate for the first time.

For instance for this particular recruitment company they like us to ask new candidates what type of vacancy they are interested in and ask them to email over their CV. This way they have all the candidates’ details in front of them when they return the call.

Here at Best Reception we can even format CV for you on request if you have a particular format for them. However if you would rather us simply take a message this is of course not a problem. Whatever you are looking for Best Reception can offer a Tailor made service to fit your needs.

The Advantages of Outsourcing

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Many of our clients find outsourcing their reception
extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Here at Best Reception
we answer calls for a large variety of clientele, each of which are provided
with a tailor made service and for many we act as far more than just an
answering service. We do our utmost to ensure every call is answered in a
polite and professional manner; this is made achievable by supplying each
company with a team of friendly receptionists.

Outsourcing your calls to a virtual reception has many
advantages, one of which is appearing as a larger enterprise. This can be
useful if you are only a small business and do not wish for people to know how
many people are working for you. We also understand that it is not cost
effective to employ an in-house receptionist if your call volume is low, by
outsourcing your reception you can cut costs without compromising the quality.
In many ways an outsourced reception can be an improvement as you will not have
the usual staffing woes including holidays and sick pay.

Within our clientele we answer for various larger
corporations who find us equally as beneficial. Many of which use us as a
switchboard service, this allows the calls to come in from one direct line and
we can transfer them to an unlimited amount of employees, departments and
places. To deal with the amount of incoming calls you would need several
in-house receptionists which will become extremely costly but by outsourcing
your reception or using us as an overflow for your existing system you can save
money but still maintain a high quality service.

Switchboard service for small businesses

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Using an outsourced reception has proved to be hugely beneficial for small businesses within our clientele. Many of our clients use us as their centralised switch board, to handle all of  there incoming calls or act as an overflow system to support their existing team.

Best Reception is extremely cost effective; we are able to supply you with a fully fledged switchboard at a fraction of the cost of employing in-house operators. Many of our clients, who have a smaller call intake, find outsourcing their switchboard more feasible as it cuts costs without compromising on quality. In many ways we could help improve your reception service by constantly maintaining a high level of professionalism on every call. Having a team of friendly receptionists answering on behalf of your company will eliminate usual staffing woes that may occur  (i.e. sick and holiday cover).

We can transfer calls to an unlimited amount of staff members, locations and departments, allowing all calls to come through on one main line. Not only will this help you appear as a larger enterprise but if the member of staff asked for is away or otherwise engaged we can put the call through to someone else or take a bespoke message on request. This will help keep your customers happy as they will never be greeted by a busy tone or answer phone message, which can be extremely off putting leading them to take their business elsewhere. Automated switchboards can be equally as off putting due to people wanting to speak to an actual person rather than listen to a recorded message. By diverting your switchboard to us this is achievable on every call improving your customer service.

In addition to this, we offer a sales screening service. This stops any unwanted calls being put through to you leaving you more time for the more important aspects of your company. Over all Best Reception will help with the day to day running of your company and our switchboard service can be done so seamlessly that your callers will assume we are in-house receptionists

Creating the right first impression.

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We have all heard this warning…You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is why when you’re potential new clients call for the very first time, you need a positive, friendly and professional receptionist that will represent your company to the highest of standards.

Many companies use an answering service to prevent lost business through voicemails, busy tones or unanswered calls. This is because there is a large clientele of potential new business that will be put off by a voicemail, and will choose not to leave a message. Many callers will not also repeatedly try and get through if there call is missed, and will take their business elsewhere. This is where a telephone answering service comes in, we will help ensure that all your calls are always answered, and create a great first impression.

Not only will your receptionists create a great first impression through an excellent telephone manner, but they will also become part of your company. Any reputable telephone answering service will take the time to offer you a bespoke service to fit the requirements of your business. By doing this, and taking the time to learn about you and your company, your callers will be unaware than your receptionist does not work directly in your office!

Out of hours calls

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Have you ever thought about what happens to your calls after office hours. Best Reception have a number of solutions that will help to suit your needs. We can offer to set up a voicemail service with your very own unique greeting. We can then even listen to your voice messages the next morning and call them back for you. However if you prefer we can forward the voicemails to you via email with the sound clip attached, this will be forwarded on at the time of the call so you can call them back at your convenience.

If this does not suit your needs, we can arrange a 24 hour service. This means your calls will be answered 7 days a week, 365 days of a year so no call is ever missed and you will always be provided with a professional and reliable service.

Alternatively we are here Monday to Friday8am – 7 pmand Saturdays8.30am-5.30 pmso if you’re hours are the typical 9-5 you may find our out of hours service particularly useful.

Top Tips for choosing a Telephone Answering Service

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When choosing a telephone answering service there are many factors you should consider to help you find the best one for your company.

Ask for a free trial, any respectable answering service will offer you a free no obligation trial. This will allow you to try out the service before making any commitment to sign up.
Make a visit into the office. You need to feel confident that the people answering on behalf of your company are professional and friendly.
Ask to do test calls. Most reputable companies will suggest you do this, as they will be confident that their virtual receptionists will impress you. You also need to ensure they sound as if they are a part of your organisation, so ask as many questions possible.
Ensure that they make a conscious effort to learn the ins and outs of your company, including your company history and the services you provide.
You should feel free to give them as much information as needed to ensure they are handling your calls to the highest standards.
Your chosen telephone answering service must be flexible to the needs of your company and able to deal with any bespoke requirements your business requests.


By following all of the above tips you will be able to outsource your reception and feel comfortable your calls are being handled by the best receptionists available. Here at Best reception we make sure our service delivers all of the above and plenty more.

Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service.

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Any business owner will agree that running a company can be very stressful and time consuming. By outsourcing your calls to us at Best Reception your day to day work load can be minimised, leaving your day less stressful. If you have a small business it can be hard to ensure every call is answered, but many new clients will hang up if greeted by a busy tone or voicemail. By diverting your calls to us we will ensure you never miss out on any potential new business and can guarantee that every call will be answered in a polite and professional manner. We will also act familiar with your existing clients to ensure they remain happy with your service. Our reception service is so seamless that your callers will expect us to be sitting at the front desk of your company.

            Larger companies, who use our telephone answering service as a switchboard, have found this to be extremely beneficial to the management of a large amount of calls. Not only can we guarantee that calls are promptly answered, but outsourcing a large call volume is extremely cost effective. Hiring an in house receptionist to accommodate a large call volume can be a great expense! We can handle your calls in any way you require, for example calls can be put it through to as many different departments and people as needed. We also offer free sales screening so any cold callers will be dealt with and you will not be charged for these calls. This will stop your valuable time being consumed on irrelevant matters.

            Further more our large clientele get the opportunity to share an online diary with us. This enables us to know your work schedules and advise callers on your availability. If you had a meeting you could add this to your diary, which would be visible to us, and we would inform callers of this and let them know when they are likely to get a response. In addition to this according to the information you provide us with we can deal with some of your calls for you, including directions and prices. Therefore by outsourcing your switchboard to Best Reception you are left with more time to efficiently manage your company.

Telephone Answering for IT support Companies.

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Here at Best reception, we have a large client base which consists of IT support companies. We offer a variety of services to all of these companies, from call answering right through to booking callouts and management of support issues.

            For one of our clients, who are an IT support centre based in Essex, we not only act as their reception service, we also manage the running of their helpdesk. When their clients email their support team, we receive emails and deal with them accordingly. For example, if one of their clients is raising a new support issue, we will then log onto the helpdesk system and create a new case for the engineers to deal with. If the issue is urgent we can also prioritise it as such. Alternatively, if their clients email in updates on existing issues, we can update the helpdesk accordingly. After logging this we send a message to the client informing them of the details of the problem and the action we have taken.

            Another way their customers can contact support is by phoning in; this support line gets diverted to us. We answer the calls in their company name, and depending on what department in support they need, we put the call through to the relevant person in the technical team who will be able to help. If we do no get through to their lines then we inform the caller the technical team are currently unavailable but will call them back as soon as possible.

            For this IT Company we also get personal calls asking for a specific member of the team. For these call we can transfer the caller through to the person they wish to speak with directly or if requested take a message. We also have access their diary, which allows us to see their movements throughout the day. This means that we are able to inform callers when they are likely to get a call back.

            With this company and many others in this industry, our outsourced reception service works so well as it is so seamlessly done, that your clients will be none the wiser that we are not based with your company. With all of our clients, we strive to prove that in many ways an outsourced reception works just as well as, or even better than, an in house reception.