Using Best Reception as an Overflow Service

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Here at Best Reception, many of our clients use our service when they cannot answer their calls themselves. Whether they are on the other line or simply miss the call, we at Best Reception are here to be your overspill telephone answering service. By using our call answering service you can ensure that none of your calls go unanswered, which means that any potential newclients will not be greeted with a busy tone or an answering machine, and any existing clients will always be welcomed with a familiar voice.

Your bespoke service is achieved by us providing you with a taylor-made script that suits your companies every need. Best Reception handles all of your calls in a way that is best suited to you; your callers never need to know that we are not your in house receptionists! Whether you would like us to make bookings, take orders or simply take messages for you, your very own team of virtual receptionists will answer every call.

For companies that experience a high call volume, this can be extremely beneficial as it is more cost effective than hiring lots of in house receptionists and can also put your mind to rest if a receptionist is off work due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. We therefore eliminate the usual staffing woes and are available to answer your calls from 8.00am-700pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-5.30pm Saturdays. Our service is equally as beneficial for smaller businesses as we will help you to appear as a larger more corporate organisation. When only receiving a small call intake it is not cost efficient to employ an in-house receptionist so by outsourcing your reception to us you can cut costs without compromising on quality.

Switchboard Services for Large Companies.

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Using an outsourced switchboard has proved to be extremely beneficial for large companies within our clientele. We offer a cost effective yet professional service, whether being a centralised switchboard or an overflow for your existing team. Employing enough in-house receptionists to manage the high call volume a large company receives is extremely costly. But by using a switchboard service you can cut costs without compromising quality. In fact in many ways we could help improve your service by eliminating the usual staffing woes (i.e. staff sickness and holidays). 


Our service gives us the ability to put a call through to multiple locations, departments and people without the use of an automated service. Speaking to an automated switchboard is not as satisfying as speaking to a real person and can leave callers frustrated. If the person asked for is unavailable we can take bespoke messages and email them across so important calls are not missed due to callers being put off by a voicemail or busy tone.


Another advantage to outsourcing your reception is that we offer a sales screening service. This stops any unwanted calls being put through leaving you more time for the more important aspects of your company. In addition to this for many of our clients we have a VIP list for their most regular callers, this allows us to act familiar with them when they call. Overall Best Reception aim to improve the day to day running of your company and our services can now be done so seamlessly that your clients will assume we are in-house receptionists.

Switchboard service for small businesses

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Using an outsourced reception has proved to be hugely beneficial for small businesses within our clientele. Many of our clients use us as their centralised switch board, to handle all of  there incoming calls or act as an overflow system to support their existing team.

Best Reception is extremely cost effective; we are able to supply you with a fully fledged switchboard at a fraction of the cost of employing in-house operators. Many of our clients, who have a smaller call intake, find outsourcing their switchboard more feasible as it cuts costs without compromising on quality. In many ways we could help improve your reception service by constantly maintaining a high level of professionalism on every call. Having a team of friendly receptionists answering on behalf of your company will eliminate usual staffing woes that may occur  (i.e. sick and holiday cover).

We can transfer calls to an unlimited amount of staff members, locations and departments, allowing all calls to come through on one main line. Not only will this help you appear as a larger enterprise but if the member of staff asked for is away or otherwise engaged we can put the call through to someone else or take a bespoke message on request. This will help keep your customers happy as they will never be greeted by a busy tone or answer phone message, which can be extremely off putting leading them to take their business elsewhere. Automated switchboards can be equally as off putting due to people wanting to speak to an actual person rather than listen to a recorded message. By diverting your switchboard to us this is achievable on every call improving your customer service.

In addition to this, we offer a sales screening service. This stops any unwanted calls being put through to you leaving you more time for the more important aspects of your company. Over all Best Reception will help with the day to day running of your company and our switchboard service can be done so seamlessly that your callers will assume we are in-house receptionists

Out of hours calls

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Have you ever thought about what happens to your calls after office hours. Best Reception have a number of solutions that will help to suit your needs. We can offer to set up a voicemail service with your very own unique greeting. We can then even listen to your voice messages the next morning and call them back for you. However if you prefer we can forward the voicemails to you via email with the sound clip attached, this will be forwarded on at the time of the call so you can call them back at your convenience.

If this does not suit your needs, we can arrange a 24 hour service. This means your calls will be answered 7 days a week, 365 days of a year so no call is ever missed and you will always be provided with a professional and reliable service.

Alternatively we are here Monday to Friday8am – 7 pmand Saturdays8.30am-5.30 pmso if you’re hours are the typical 9-5 you may find our out of hours service particularly useful.

Message Taking Service

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Most callers will hang up when they hear an answering machine, how many of those will end up calling back another time? The percentage is not high! Say they were a potential new enquiry; they may well end up calling the next company on the list. With this is mind can you afford to miss calls?

By using Best Reception as a message taking service we ensure that your company never misses a call. Whether you are in a meeting, on the other line our out of the office your calls will always be answered professionally and politely by a team of your own virtual receptionists. This way you will never miss out on new enquiries as we will ensure that all their details will get through to you quickly and efficiently. Not only this but existing clients will be kept happier as they can speak to someone else and not just have to leave a voice mail.

We can meet your company’s needs by either taking basic information from the caller such as their name, number and company or we can offer a bespoke tailor made service to suit your company. All you need to do is let us know what information you would like us to obtain from the caller and we will set this up for you! An example of this is an estate agent that we answer calls for. For their new enquiries we have forms to fill out, here we capture such information as what price ranges they are looking for, How many bedrooms and the area they are looking for. This is beneficial for your company as it is encouraging callers to give more information which saves you time finding out this information.

So as you can see here at Best Reception we meet all needs, whether you simply require a simple message taking service or a more complex bespoke service we can help!

Virtual Reception Services For Overflow Calls

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Have you ever thought of what might happen to your calls when your Receptionist cannot take them? For instance what happens if she is already on another call, out for lunch or even off sick? Best Reception can provide a perfect solution to this problem.

You can set up a divert to us so your calls come through to your very own Virtual Receptionists whether your receptionist is on the other line, out of the office or away from her desk. This means that your callers will never have to sit in a holding queue or be greeted by an answer phone and are more likely to leave a message than hang up the phone. Not only can this potentially save you from losing out on new business enquiries but it also means existing clients are more satisfied as they have spoken to someone rather than leaving a voice mail.

An example of this service put in to practice is a top London Hair Salon that uses us for exactly this purpose. When their receptionist is on the other line making appointments, their calls come through to us. If the callers want to book an appointment we explain that the receptionist with the diary is on another call and take their details and let them know that she will call them back shortly.

So as you can see not only can Best Reception act as your full time receptionist answering all your incoming calls but you can also rely on us to be there simply for your overflow calls when you are unavailable!