Message Taking Service

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Most callers will hang up when they hear an answering machine, how many of those will end up calling back another time? The percentage is not high! Say they were a potential new enquiry; they may well end up calling the next company on the list. With this is mind can you afford to miss calls?

By using Best Reception as a message taking service we ensure that your company never misses a call. Whether you are in a meeting, on the other line our out of the office your calls will always be answered professionally and politely by a team of your own virtual receptionists. This way you will never miss out on new enquiries as we will ensure that all their details will get through to you quickly and efficiently. Not only this but existing clients will be kept happier as they can speak to someone else and not just have to leave a voice mail.

We can meet your company’s needs by either taking basic information from the caller such as their name, number and company or we can offer a bespoke tailor made service to suit your company. All you need to do is let us know what information you would like us to obtain from the caller and we will set this up for you! An example of this is an estate agent that we answer calls for. For their new enquiries we have forms to fill out, here we capture such information as what price ranges they are looking for, How many bedrooms and the area they are looking for. This is beneficial for your company as it is encouraging callers to give more information which saves you time finding out this information.

So as you can see here at Best Reception we meet all needs, whether you simply require a simple message taking service or a more complex bespoke service we can help!