Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service.

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Any business owner will agree that running a company can be very stressful and time consuming. By outsourcing your calls to us at Best Reception your day to day work load can be minimised, leaving your day less stressful. If you have a small business it can be hard to ensure every call is answered, but many new clients will hang up if greeted by a busy tone or voicemail. By diverting your calls to us we will ensure you never miss out on any potential new business and can guarantee that every call will be answered in a polite and professional manner. We will also act familiar with your existing clients to ensure they remain happy with your service. Our reception service is so seamless that your callers will expect us to be sitting at the front desk of your company.

            Larger companies, who use our telephone answering service as a switchboard, have found this to be extremely beneficial to the management of a large amount of calls. Not only can we guarantee that calls are promptly answered, but outsourcing a large call volume is extremely cost effective. Hiring an in house receptionist to accommodate a large call volume can be a great expense! We can handle your calls in any way you require, for example calls can be put it through to as many different departments and people as needed. We also offer free sales screening so any cold callers will be dealt with and you will not be charged for these calls. This will stop your valuable time being consumed on irrelevant matters.

            Further more our large clientele get the opportunity to share an online diary with us. This enables us to know your work schedules and advise callers on your availability. If you had a meeting you could add this to your diary, which would be visible to us, and we would inform callers of this and let them know when they are likely to get a response. In addition to this according to the information you provide us with we can deal with some of your calls for you, including directions and prices. Therefore by outsourcing your switchboard to Best Reception you are left with more time to efficiently manage your company.

Telephone Answering for IT support Companies.

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Here at Best reception, we have a large client base which consists of IT support companies. We offer a variety of services to all of these companies, from call answering right through to booking callouts and management of support issues.

            For one of our clients, who are an IT support centre based in Essex, we not only act as their reception service, we also manage the running of their helpdesk. When their clients email their support team, we receive emails and deal with them accordingly. For example, if one of their clients is raising a new support issue, we will then log onto the helpdesk system and create a new case for the engineers to deal with. If the issue is urgent we can also prioritise it as such. Alternatively, if their clients email in updates on existing issues, we can update the helpdesk accordingly. After logging this we send a message to the client informing them of the details of the problem and the action we have taken.

            Another way their customers can contact support is by phoning in; this support line gets diverted to us. We answer the calls in their company name, and depending on what department in support they need, we put the call through to the relevant person in the technical team who will be able to help. If we do no get through to their lines then we inform the caller the technical team are currently unavailable but will call them back as soon as possible.

            For this IT Company we also get personal calls asking for a specific member of the team. For these call we can transfer the caller through to the person they wish to speak with directly or if requested take a message. We also have access their diary, which allows us to see their movements throughout the day. This means that we are able to inform callers when they are likely to get a call back.

            With this company and many others in this industry, our outsourced reception service works so well as it is so seamlessly done, that your clients will be none the wiser that we are not based with your company. With all of our clients, we strive to prove that in many ways an outsourced reception works just as well as, or even better than, an in house reception.

More than just an answering service

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Here at Best Reception many of our clients enjoy the benefits of our service being so much more than just a telephone answering service. An outsourced reception can help you effectively manage your time by relieving more of the day to day pressures of running a business as well as answering your calls. 

Our call handling software allows us to access vast amounts of information about your company, enabling us to answer any common question or queries your customers may have. For example one of our companies we take orders for sell fruit baskets. We get asked for prices, opening times , methods of payment and many other general queries they may have which we are able to answer. We can also answer questions about the products themselves for example how fresh the fruit is, what fruit is used and how long will it last for. With any urgent enquiries we can patch to you so you can speak to them directly. Having all this information makes the callers feel like they are talking to someone within the company.

Another example of Best Reception being more than just an answering service is the booking service we provide for many of our clients. Having an outsourced reception to handle your booking not only saves money but also allows you to never miss out on potential business and manage your time effectively. For example one of our clients who run a natural drug free remedy clinic for respiratory problems have clinics based all over the world. They have provided us with logins to access their diary remotely, where we can book their appointments for two of their clinics and we also have lots of information sheets with session times, directions, what to wear, massage therapy and much more.  This greatly helps the running of their clinic as client needs are catered to quickly and efficiently by prompt appointment booking and question answering.

My First Day as a Virtual Receptionist

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In the role of a virtual receptionist, the first few days can be extremely daunting. Not only starting a new job, but every call you take is like working for a different company…

One of the most vital aspects of my first day was being trained to the high standards expected of the company. To achieve this I received training in many different aspects of what it takes to become a top virtual receptionist. One of these aspects was how to use our call answering software. I was shown how the system works to answer calls; how it is tailor made to suit each of our clients and how messages are effectively taken.

After this, I spent the afternoon with my Team Leader looking through companies, learning what they do and how we manage their calls. I learnt that familiarity is essential to not only provide an exceptional service to both the customers and our clients, but to also help me become a positive and friendly receptionist and to overcome any nerves I may have when answering the phone.

Another part of my day was learning about Best Reception as a company and how everything works in the offices. All of our clients are allocated a team of receptionists who answer their calls. I have gained a valuable insight into the benefits of teams in our company. Not only does it benefit our receptionists by giving them specific clients to work with and take the time to learn, but also our clients because it gives them a first class reception service, with all receptionists having the knowledge to handle their calls. It also gives our clients’ customer’s familiarity with “their reception”.

In each team, there is a team leader and an assistant team leader, these ensure that everyday tasks are regularly carried out such as checking the diaries, checking the emails and making sure each company’s notes are up to date.

All in all, I learnt a lot on my first day and I’m looking forward to my time ahead with the company.

A day at Best Reception

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A day at Best Reception starts with the important duty of all the morning checks. Here we run line tests to ensure that there will be no chance of any disruption to your line. Likewise we send test messages and check our system to ensure that email and SMS messages are being sent to you quickly and efficiently, so we get your messages to you without fail.

 At Best Reception we give you the opportunity to use a free online diary so you can update your movements on there. First thing each morning we check all client diaries to make sure that any movements that are entered by you are added to your script before the start of the day so we can inform callers of your whereabouts.  However we continue to regularly check the diaries throughout the day to ensure that any movements that are updated at the last minute are put on to the script promptly. 

 Each morning the team sit down for a morning meeting that is taken by either an office manager or Team Leader. Here is a great opportunity to brief the team on any new issues that were raised the previous day that they need to be aware of. It is also an excellent chance to introduce the team to any new clients that are due to start and make all receptionists fully aware of how to manage their calls before any are taken.

 From the moment our lines are officially live to the moment we close you have a dedicated team of virtual receptionists answering your calls. We are delighted to take such a variety of calls ranging from message taking and transferring calls to placing orders and booking appointments. With such a varied client base no call is ever the same, this makes our day all the more interesting.

 Not only do we take all the incoming calls throughout the day but our day is also filled with all different types of tasks. Throughout the day we can also make outbound calls for you too, for example we can re-arrange appointments for you or give out delivery information to customers or even just pass on messages to your clients! Not only this but we also spend our day updating your company information with any details you give us to make sure that all information we have for you is correct and up to date. So as you can imagine we are always kept busy!

Telephone Answering

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Trying to run a business and juggling all the main responsibilities can be stressful, so why not take a load of your mind and make sure your calls are being handled in the most professional yet friendly way possible.

At Best Reception we ensure that all your calls will be answered quickly and efficiently, without a call ever being missed. If you provide us with the information we can even give out details of prices or the answers to any other general queries that callers have. Your own team of friendly receptionists can also obtain information needed for you to help save you time. In addition to getting the callers name, company if applicable, contact number and a message regarding what the call is about, we can attain the email address or home address or anything else you may like to know before calling them back.

If you need to have someone manage your calls whilst in a meeting we will let your callers know that you are busy and when your meeting will likely end so they know not to expect to hear back from you straight away, preventing frustration which they may have if just going through to your voicemail with no explanation.

Best Reception can help prevent lost time chasing up small details with callers and make sure your calls are always being handled proficiently and friendly when you need us.

Osteopathic booking service

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As an osteopath, whether you run an osteopathic practice, or are a sole trader, it is not always feasible or practical or answer your calls. Many of our osteopathic clients use our service to not only book appointments for them (either through remote access on our online diary system), but to also ensure that potential new enquiries are never missed and existing clients are catered to in a professional and friendly manner.

The reason that this service works very well for many different types of osteopathic practices is because of how seamlessly it can be done, and we strive to always provide an “invisible” service. Your callers will be none the wiser that we are not based at your practice, they will expect to see us sitting at your front desk!

Your receptionist will take the time to become an extension of your clinic, we can have information on our system about your treatment prices and payment methods, conditions you can treat, cancellation policies, dealing with insurers, and even detailed directions to your clinic!

Getting to know your small business

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If you are currently running a small business you may find it hard to juggle all the tasks of running a successful company and dealing with new enquiries. This is where Best Reception can help, you can choose to simply divert your phones to us when you are too busy trying to do something else and we can take a message from anyone who calls. If you prefer we could even call you when we have one of your clients, and if you are too busy to take the call we can take a message. With your telephones taken care of you will have more time to deal with other business needs.

We make sure we know every company’s needs and functions to provide the best service for you, if you only have a small company we will get to know you and your team closely and therefore get to know your clients for a seamless result.

So save precious business time and make sure you have a telephone answering service that will not only be able to develop a relationship with your staff, but also with your clients.

Answering Your Calls – Keeping your script up to date

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To give the illusion that we are a Front of house receptionist working solely for your company, we give you the opportunity to access a free online diary. Here you can add your daily activities for example meetings, phone calls or even lunch dates! All you need to do is block out the time that you will be unavailable on the diary and the reason why. We then add this to your script. This means that when a caller asks for you we can give them an accurate answer about your whereabouts, and can give them a time that you will be available. Your diary will be checked every half an hour so any movements that you update at the last moment will be put straight on to your script! However if the diary is not for you, you can simply call in or drop us a quick email to let us know your whereabouts and we will update your script so we can let callers know.

However saying this we do not ask for you to provide us with your daily movements if you do not want to, sometimes our clients would rather stick to our normal call handling instructions for example to always say “out of the office” or “on the other line” to callers.

To an extent we rely on you to keep us up to date with any company changes so we can make sure that your scripts is correct. This might be any new starters at the company or any new promotions we should be aware of.  All you need to do is drop us a quick email with the relevant information, for example if it is a new starter you would like to add you can simply email us with their name, position, email and if required phone number. This will be set up immediately and will be active within roughly 15 minutes!

However we do as much as we can our end to keep your script up to date. For instance if anyone asks to speak to someone we do not have on our system we will contact you and ask you if you would like us to add them. Likewise if callers enquire about a service that we are not familiar with we will contact you for some more information so we can handle all enquiries to the best of our ability. Not only this but we also try to contact you from time to time just simply to go through the script we have for you and ensure that it is all up to date and relevant.

Telephone Answering for Recycling Companies

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One of our clients here at Best Reception run a recycling company. When new enquiries come through we obtain the address that the caller would like recycling to be collected from.  This helps saves our client time as they have all the details in front of them when they return the call and are able to give an accurate quote efficiently and promptly.

Not only this but if your company offers a similar service we can even offer you the chance to use our booking service. This means that you can use us to book in collections to save you even more time! We can do this via an online diary that we share with you.

We can also give out information to callers, whether they are asking for more information on the services you provide or about price plans etc. Therefore the service we offer helps give the illusion that we are an in-house receptionist working directly for you.