Telephone answering service to book call outs

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Using a telephone answering service to book and organise call outs is a very popular service with many of our clients. They find that when they are on the road attending to a call out, it is not feasible to take other calls and book in clients themselves. It is also not cost effective to hire a full time in house receptionist to do this for them whilst they are occupied. Therefore, by using outsourced reception service, we can ensure that all of their existing clients are catered to quickly and efficiently, that no potential new clients are missed, and that this is an extremely cost effective service for their businesses!

Our free online diary system, which is easily accessible by our receptionists and yourselves, allows us too quickly and efficiently book in your call outs.  The diary can also contain your daily movements, so you can indicate times that you are available and would like jobs booked in. With many of our clients, who provide a call out service, we add addresses and post codes to the diary, and even brief directions on how to get to the caller. They also find that it is easy to access their diary at any point during the day and update it as and when they need to.

If a customer is calling with an urgent problem and they would like an appointment as soon as possible, having a reception service is a great asset. If they have an urgent matter and would like it resolved urgently, hearing a voice mail or not being able to speak to someone straight away may make them their business elsewhere.

Furthermore, our sophisticated call handling software allows us to have easy access to an unlimited amount of informationn about your company, so we can advise callers on what you do and do not repair, prices you charge for call outs and even areas that you cover.

Telephone Answering For Online Businesses.

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Best Reception appeals to a wide audience within the corporate world, one of these sectors are online companies. Maybe you are working full time but starting your own online business and finding it difficult to juggle between the two? Or maybe your online business is becoming increasing difficult to manage on your own? Whatever the case Best Reception has first hand experience in managing calls for online businesses. With our tailor-made reception service we offer a professional, flexible and reliable service and will insure that none of your calls are missed.

Perhaps you are running an online store, if this is the case we can essentially be your very own ordering line so your clients can call us directly to place orders. We would do this in the same way as your clients would via the internet, but we would give them that extra bit of customer service. Best Reception can also offer support and knowledge on your products so we can give as much or as littleinformation as you wish. By giving Best Reception a list of FAQ’s or in depth descriptions of your products we can avoid disturbing you throughout the day. Furthermore if you would like us to we can even log in to your admin system and track orders, change orders or cancel orders. With the ability to answer most customer queries we completely cut the time you are spending on the phone so you can get on with your day to day business.

So if you are finding it stressful running your own online business why not set up a free trial with Best Reception and see what a difference we can make to your busy daily routine!

Creating the right first impression.

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We have all heard this warning…You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is why when you’re potential new clients call for the very first time, you need a positive, friendly and professional receptionist that will represent your company to the highest of standards.

Many companies use an answering service to prevent lost business through voicemails, busy tones or unanswered calls. This is because there is a large clientele of potential new business that will be put off by a voicemail, and will choose not to leave a message. Many callers will not also repeatedly try and get through if there call is missed, and will take their business elsewhere. This is where a telephone answering service comes in, we will help ensure that all your calls are always answered, and create a great first impression.

Not only will your receptionists create a great first impression through an excellent telephone manner, but they will also become part of your company. Any reputable telephone answering service will take the time to offer you a bespoke service to fit the requirements of your business. By doing this, and taking the time to learn about you and your company, your callers will be unaware than your receptionist does not work directly in your office!

Telephone answering for mechanics

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Here at Best reception, we have a large clientele in various
industrial sectors, and many of them need a bespoke service from us to meet the
needs of their business. An example of this is one of our clients, who are a
car mileage correction service based in Hertfordshire.

For this client it is very important for us to have a
thorough knowledge of the services they provide to accurately deal with their
new clients. With this client, in particular we can inform their callers that
they deal with mileage correction, in car TV unlocking, vehicle diagnostics
fault finding, service light resetting, key/Immobiliser resetting and digital
dashboard repairs.

For potential new enquiries, we arrange and book them in for
the service they require. We not only have access to pricing information, but
also to a free online diary to book callers in. Many callers will ask for a
price, which we can advise by taking the details of the car. We ask the callers
for the car make and model, as well as where they are based, to give them
accurate pricing. If they then wish to book in, we can access a booking diary
which allows us to see the movements of all the engineers, and we can book them
in accordingly.

Taking time for yourself

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In any line of business, it is not only vital for a successful business but also for your personal wellbeing that you find time for yourself. Many business owners or managers can be consumed by the day to day running of a business, and all too often feel the stress and strain as a result of this. However, it is not always feasible to employ help, having full time assistants can be very costly. This is why many businesses use an outsourced reception – it is a cost effect way to relieve their workload!

Having an answering service to take your calls, only during your busiest hours of the day if you so wish, could make all the difference to your workload. Having your callers greeted by a professional and friendly receptionist, allows you to not have to worry about missing calls. What’s more, you having complete control of your diverts means that you will be able to pick and choose when you need a hand!

Another example of how many of our clients utilise this service is our virtual reception booking service. Many of our clients use our online diary service to book and manage their appointments, whether they run clinics that we book clients into, or use our receptionists to manage their day to day appointments.

We understand the importance of representing your company. We therefore will always take the time to learn about your company and what you require from our service. We will set up a bespoke script for you and take the time to make sure we deliver the highest standard of service – therefore you will not need to worry about sacrificing quality by taking on a virtual reception.

Telephone Answering Service to take orders

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Here at Best Reception many of our clients use our telephone answering service as an order line, to process
orders for their customers. There are many ways in which we can do this, for example,
we can use online payment systems (i.e sagepay), a personal websites checkout
or we can just send you order information via email.

For many of our clients, this saves them valuable time as well as money! Letting best reception handle their order taking means their time can be better spent in other areas of running their business, and it is
also a cost effective way to have your very own sales team.

It is also vital for success that potential customers can reach you quickly (i.e. not be greeted by a call waiting message) and that their requirements are dealt with efficiently. What’s more, having a telephone
answering service as a customer order line also means you do not alienate any clientele that do not like to place orders online on unfamiliar websites, they will be able to call through to a team of friendly receptionists.

With one of our clients, they have provided us with a secure online payment system as well as access to their order database. As a result of this, we can place ordered quickly and securely for any customers that call in.
What’s more, we can also deal with customers enquiring about the status of their order, and make any amendments. If customers would like to know expected delivery dates, or if there order has been despatched, we can provide this information. We can also edit existing orders, if customers call in and they
would like to change what they have ordered.

This service works incredibly well for many of our clients, as it provides them with a cost effective customer service team to take their orders, as well as saving them valuable time to concentrate on other areas of
running their business.

Call Handling For Sole Traders.

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Best Reception appeals to a wide array of clients, amongst those are Sole Traders. The main reason for the demand of the service among sole traders is to make the company appear bigger and to sound like they are office based. We currently handle calls for a sole trader that manages a gardening service. The owner of the company finds our service particularly useful as he is often working off site and therefore is rarely available to take calls. Therefore having us handling the calls helps to avoid disruption to his work, not only this but we also ensure that all calls are handled in a professional and polite manor. So whether you are a sole trader just starting up a business or a long term sole trader Best Reception are here to help.

New Opening Hours!

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As Best Reception are growing and our clients are covering a whole different category of businesses, we have decided the best way to deal with the demand and to appeal to more companies is to increase our opening hours. To offer an even better service to our existing clients and invite new companies to Best Reception, we will now be opening Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturdays 8.30am – 5.30pm. This has been met with a very positive response from our clients who are able to have there calls handled during these times with no extra charge!

Top Tips for choosing a Telephone Answering Service

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When choosing a telephone answering service there are many factors you should consider to help you find the best one for your company.

Ask for a free trial, any respectable answering service will offer you a free no obligation trial. This will allow you to try out the service before making any commitment to sign up.
Make a visit into the office. You need to feel confident that the people answering on behalf of your company are professional and friendly.
Ask to do test calls. Most reputable companies will suggest you do this, as they will be confident that their virtual receptionists will impress you. You also need to ensure they sound as if they are a part of your organisation, so ask as many questions possible.
Ensure that they make a conscious effort to learn the ins and outs of your company, including your company history and the services you provide.
You should feel free to give them as much information as needed to ensure they are handling your calls to the highest standards.
Your chosen telephone answering service must be flexible to the needs of your company and able to deal with any bespoke requirements your business requests.


By following all of the above tips you will be able to outsource your reception and feel comfortable your calls are being handled by the best receptionists available. Here at Best reception we make sure our service delivers all of the above and plenty more.